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Avoid Loan Foreclosure With An SBA Offer In Compromise

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Lawscape provides nationwide business debt relief services. We work a wide array of lenders, service providers, and types of business debt. We are able to restructure and reduce, all types of secured and unsecured business debt. 

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Our team has experience handling 10’s of millions in debt, ranging from SBA debt, to Merchant Cash Advance and more. 

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Regardless of the type of business debt you have, we can help. We have experience handling all types of secured and unsecured business debt. 


Our company is led by experienced business debt relief experts who have experience handling secured and unsecured debt nationwide. 

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Many business owners think failing to repay business debt means: your business is over.

This simply isn’t true. Business debt is a problem which CAN be handled, just like everything else; but only if you take pro-active steps. Lawscape helps you understand the law, and works with you to make sure that business debt isn’t the end of your business. 

What Are Some Ways We Can Help With Business Debt Relief?

Our experienced business debt relief consultants are here to help you through this stressful time. 

The Ins and Outs of SBA Disaster Loans and Foreclosure – a Walk-through by Lawscape

Listen, things don’t always go as planned. You may find yourself hit by an unforeseen natural disaster, causing significant damage to your home or business. That’s where the Small Business Administration, or SBA, steps in. They offer a special kind of loan, known as an SBA disaster loan, to help you rebuild. But when times get tough, and you’re struggling with loan repayment, there’s a risk of foreclosure by the SBA.

Understanding SBA Disaster Loans – Lawscape’s Perspective

Now, let’s talk a little about the SBA disaster loan. It’s a fixed-rate, low-interest loan that the SBA offers as part of their Tax Offset Program. You can use this loan to repair or replace anything from commercial or private real estate, personal dwellings to machinery, equipment, and even your business inventory.

Guess what? Homeowners, business owners, and even renters can become eligible for an SBA loan. In a nutshell, these loans are a snapshot of hope during tough times, especially after a devastating natural disaster.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need an SBA loan, here’s what you need to know in a nutshell.

Options Available Under SBA Disaster Loans – A Quick Rundown by the Lawscape

Home and Personal Property Loans: As a homeowner, you can apply for a loan of up to $200,000 to restore your primary residence to its pre-disaster state. Besides, both homeowners and renters are eligible to borrow up to $40,000 to replace or repair personal belongings such as clothing and furniture.

Business Loans: If you’re a business owner and have suffered financial losses because of a natural disaster, the SBA also offers loans that can help you replace or repair equipment that’s been damaged or lost.

Disaster Economic Injury Loans: Your business could qualify for a loan to cover necessary and recurring operating expenses until things get back to normal. And the best part is, you’re eligible for this type of loan even if your business didn’t suffer physical damage.

Dealing with SBA Loan Foreclosed – Guidance from Lawscape

The thing with SBA loans is, they’re loans – not grants. This means you’ve to pay it back. When you get an SBA loan, you’re required to agree legally to a repayment plan. Some loans even require you to provide collateral, like a security interest or a lien on your property.

Now, here’s the tricky part. If you’re unable to meet your repayment obligations, you may face an SBA loan foreclosure. It’s a predicament that can start soon after you receive an SBA demand letter. And that’s where we, the Lawscape, can step in to assist. We can guide you through options to dodge an SBA loan foreclosure. Things like declaring bankruptcy or utilizing the SBA’s Offer in Compromise.

Trust Lawscape to Help You Conquer SBA Debt Issues

Navigating through SBA debts can be as thorny as walking through a maze. But with our help at the Lawscape, you’ve got a strong hand to guide you.

We’ve been able to resolve millions of dollars in SBA debts via Offer in Compromise and Negotiated Repayment Agreements. And the best part? Our clients were able to do this without filing for bankruptcy or dealing with home foreclosure.

We’ve also successfully defended millions of dollars in Treasury Debts via AWG Hearings, Treasury Offset Program Resolution, Cross-servicing Disputes, Private Collection Agency Representation, Compromise Offers, and Negotiated Repayment Agreements.

Last but not least, our team, led by Lawscape, is authorized by the Agency Practice Act to represent Federal Debtors nationwide before the SBA, The SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals, the Treasury Department, and the Bureau of Fiscal Service.

Lawscape Can Help You Manage Your Business Debt

If you’re struggling with business debt, we can help you understand your situation. During the initial consultation, we’ll go over the contract, and other legal documents you signed. After that, our firm will work with you to get a better understanding of your situation, and help you come up with a game plan that keeps your business alive. 

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