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How to Destroy National Recovery Solutions When They Come For You

Listen up, friend – debt collectors like National Recovery Solutions play dirty. But, you don’t have to just “take it” when they use sleazy tactics to harass you over old bills.

In this guide, we’ll school you on your rights – so you can fight back hard and destroy their pathetic attempts to bully money out of you.

The Biggest Lie They Tell to Scare You

National Recovery Solutions loves claiming “they have the legal right” to wallop you with fees and penalties if you miss payments. But here’s the raw truth:

Collection agencies are all bark, no bite – legally speaking.

Sure, they might yap big game about wage garnishment and lawsuits. But if you stand your ground and understand debt collection laws, you’re the one who truly holds the power.

How to Weaponize the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Against Them

The FDCPA is a brutally strict law that handcuffs what collectors can and cannot do. Just a few examples:

They cannot call you before 8AM or after 9PM
– Forbidden from calling you at work if you tell them not to
Cannot harass you with repeated phone calls meant to abuse you
Must stop all contact if you demand it in writing

So, the next time some punk from National Recovery Solutions starts running their mouth? You can quickly shut them down by stating, “You’re violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and I won’t tolerate it.”

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The Nuclear Option to Obliterate Their Case Forever

Under federal law, you can demand National Recovery Solutions provide complete “validation” of the alleged debt when you first get contacted. This includes:

– Proof the debt is yours
– The Amount owed
– Name of the original creditor
– Verification the debt hasn’t expired

And here’s the kicker – if they fail to validate within 30 days, you have legal grounds to tell them to pound sand. The debt gets wiped out and they can never collect.

Just send a debt validation letter within 30 days of first contact demanding they verify everything. Most of the time? They won’t be able to produce complete documentation proving the debt is legit and you’re off the hook.

When You Need to Lawyer Up and Fight

Sometimes, National Recovery Solutions or another unethical collection agency will flat-out refuse to follow the FDCPA laws.

Maybe they keep harassing you at work or inappropriate hours. Maybe they start dropping F-bombs when you assert your rights.

When you run into these human scum hellbent on illegal tactics? That’s when it’s time to lawyer up and take them to court yourself for FDCPA violations.

The penalties can be up to $1,000 per offense, plus damages. It puts the fear of God into these collectors and makes them pay for breaking the law.

The Golden Tip for Getting Debt Collectors off Your Back Forever

At the end of the day, there’s one sure-fire way to never hear from National Recovery Solutions or any other debt collectors again:

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Pay off or settle the debt, and get it in writing that the account is resolved

It’s that simple. Settling an old debt for less than the amount owed – and getting written documentation the account has been zeroed out – will stop collections for good.

Just get any settlement agreement properly documented proving the debt is resolved. Do that, and companies like National Recovery Solutions get ZERO grounds to keep pursuing you.

Remember, you’re not helpless against these debt collectors when you understand the laws. Stay on top of your rights, document everything, and be ready to fight back.

Because the truth is? Scumbag agencies like National Recovery Solutions can dish it out, but they can’t take it when you bite back twice as hard using consumer protection laws.

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