Debt settlement is a great way to resolve debt. Debt settlement helps you settle the interest, and principal, accrued for an amount lower than what you owe. Debt settlement can help you get the financial freedom you deserve. Debt settlement is possible for both consumers and business owners.

Regardless of how much you owe, debt settlement is one of the most popular methods of debt management. Often, people choose to go the route of debt settlement because they can settle for less than what they actually owe.

  • Reduce your debt

    We can help you reduce the interest and principle.

  • Settle your debt

    We can help you reduce your debt for 30-70% of your debt.

  • We take over

    We will intervene on your behalf and discuss your financial situation with the lenders.

  • Results matter

    We’ve handled 1000’s of cases just like yours where we were able to negotiate a settlement that worked for our client.

  • Service

    We’re a customer service oriented debt settlement company that works effectively on your behalf.


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  • Avoid Bankruptcy

    This is a huge reason why debt settlement is so effective.

  • Get Debt Relief

    Have a permanent solution to your debt issues.

  • Repay Faster

    By lowering your overall debt, you can repay it much faster.

  • Lower Fees

    We charge lower fees than most competitors, which means more savings for you.

  • Counseling

    We believe in counseling our clients, so they know the benefits of what they’re about to do.

  • Have a personal plan

    Have a personal plan, made just for you – that is going to work.


Are you unable to make your payments on your business loan, merchant cash advance? Lawscape might be able to help. Our team helps business owners that took high interest merchant cash advance/business loans. Regardless of whether you defaulted, or if you’re about to default, we can help. If you’re facing financial hardships, we understand your pain as fellow business owners. Lawscape helps by working with you and your creditors in order to negotiate a business debt reduction, and to make it so the debt repayment schedule is better for you.

Recently, many business owners are looking for ways to escape these high interest rate loans. Merchant cash advance companies are doubling down, by funding businesses who have no way of repaying the loans back. Our team works with you to defend you, and negotiate better outcomes for the high interest business loans you’ve taken. If you are in danger of defaulting, you should contact Lawscape immediately.

What not to do

  • Don’t ignore your debt and default
  • Don’t ignore the problem
  • Don’t end up getting sued

What you can do

  • Contact Lawscape and have us work for you
  • Discuss your financial hardships with Lawscape, so we can speak to the lender
  • Let us negotiate on your behalf for a better outcome

Business Cash Advance / Merchant Cash Advance Debt Settlement

Merchant cash advances give you a sum of money in exchange for a % of your future revenue. When you take this loan, the cash advance company is taking a % of your revenue in the future. To pay it back, the company will take a % of each credit card transaction, or ACH an amount of money daily until the debt + interest is repaid.

If you are struggling to keep your business afloat because the daily payment for the cash advance, a business debt settlement company like Lawscape might be able to help. The issue with merchant cash advances is that most of them ACH a flat daily payment. If the business goes down, the payment remains the same.

When you work with Lawscape, we work with you to demonstrate the financial hardship of the loan you took, and it’s impact on your business. Moreover, we use a financial evaluation of your business to demonstrate this empirically to the lender. By working with a company like Lawscape, you might be able to negotiate the repayment amount, and schedule, of your loan. The goal is to reduce the amount of interest you owe, and reduce the frequency of the payments being made to the lender. With more money at your disposal, hopefully you’ll be able to rebuild your business.

Is it better to speak to a lender directly, or work with Lawscape?

This is a question we often hear. In an ideal world, lenders would play fair, and not take advantage of their clients. In some cases, the very reason you have this high interest loan is because a lender took advantage of you and gave you it without properly explaining the terms, the interest rate, and other factors — such as FEES they were deducting. When you consider the fact it’s the lender who took advantage of you – it might be better to have a representative – like Lawscape, work with you. Because we are interested in saving you as much money as possible, we can maneuver around whatever the lender is doing/saying, and work on a positive outcome without any potential deception from the lender.

There’s a plethora of debt settlement companies, why should you work with Lawscape?

If you do a simple Google search, you’ll find LOADS of debt settlement companies. So a smart person would assume that virtually anyone can help. This is technically true, but it’s also not true. 99% of the debt relief industry focuses on consumer debt. That means debt, that is personally guaranteed, but you – to a lender, like a credit card bill. These debt settlement companies are focused exclusively on helping consumers, and specialize in just that. If you approach them with a business debt settlement issue, they won’t even know the first thing about it. While they may be able to “fake it,” they’ll certainly fumble and create issues. We recommend you speak to a business debt settlement company LIKE LAWSCAPE, who specifically focuses on the debt needs of business owners, and knows how to manage and negotiate successful outcomes.



We’re dedicated to helping consumers and business owners alike escape the jaws of debt. Come to us with your challenge, and we’ll give you the BEST solution.


Lawscape was amazing. They were so transparent, and did absolutely everything to make me feel comfortable about the process. I truly recommend them.

Brooklyn, NY

I reached out to Lawscape after looking for options online, and frankly wasn’t impressed by other people online. I loved their website, and how blunt they were. I trust them unconditionally.

New York, NY
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