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Can I Get A Free Lawyer To Sue For Unsolicited Phone Calls And Texts?

It’s annoying as hell – you’re just sitting there, minding your business, when suddenly your phone starts blowing up with spam calls or invasive texts from random numbers. Maybe it’s a robocall about your car’s extended warranty, or a debt collector claiming you owe money, or a spammy offer for cheap vacations. Whatever it is, it’s maddening, and you want these pests to stop violating your privacy – so, can you actually sue them for compensation?

The Laws Against Unsolicited Calls and Texts

You see, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) says it’s illegal for companies to use an autodialer to call or text you without your consent – period. The specifics are complex, but in most cases, they need your express written permission to automatically dial your number. If they don’t have that, they’re breaking the law with every harassing call or text blast.

So in theory, yes – you absolutely can sue violators of the TCPA for damages. The issue, however, is whether you can find an attorney willing to take your individual case.

Getting Lawyers to Take Your Case on Contingency

Most people can’t afford to pay lawyers $300+ per hour to pursue these claims. The solution, then, is trying to find one who will take your case on “contingency” – meaning they only get paid if you win, by taking a cut of the settlement or award.

Here’s the catch, though: while TCPA violations allow you to claim $500-$1500 per unconsented call/text, many lawyers won’t see individual cases as worth their time and effort unless the potential payout is much higher. Their thinking? “This isn’t worth 100 hours of my staff’s work for a quick $1500 payout.”

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So How Do You Find a TCPA Lawyer to Take Your Case for “Free”?

It’s an uphill battle finding TCPA lawyers who will take individual cases like yours on contingency. Some key tips that may help:

  • Do you have records of hundreds or even thousands of violations from the same company? The more calls/texts, the more potential damages – making your case more lucrative for a lawyer.
  • Consider joining a class-action instead of going solo. Lawyers are much more incentivized to take on class actions representing thousands of people’s claims.
  • Search for consumer protection law firms who specifically advertise taking TCPA cases. They’re more likely to build practices around representing individuals with robocall claims.
  • See if your state has free consumer hotlines or clinics. Some may be able to connect you with lawyers taking cases like yours on contingency.

Realistically though, *most lawyers likely WON’T take on individual TCPA claims for just a few illegal robocalls or texts.* The potential payout is often too small compared to the time and effort involved. While annoying, your best bet may sadly be using call-blocking apps and technology to mitigate future violations.

Think about it this way: a lawyer evaluating your case has to consider whether it’s worthwhile to spend dozens of billable hours to pursue a claim for, say, $1500 in statutory TCPA damages – or whether they could invest that same time into a higher-paying case. As a business operative, pure pragmatism often wins out over principle when it comes to case selection.

But It’s Still Worth Trying to Fight Back

Nonetheless, as frustrating as it is, don’t give up yet – stay persistent! While most lawyers prefer class actions or cases with massive damages, *some consumer protection firms may still take your individual TCPA claim on contingency if you have records proving:*

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– Hundreds or thousands of robocall/text violations from the same company
– Clear evidence they used an autodialer system without your consent
– Strong grounds to seek maximum $1,500 per-violation damages rather than just $500

At the end of the day, even if you can’t find a free lawyer due to low potential payouts, *you may still be able to bring your individual case in small claims court against persistent violators* – holding them accountable for their annoying robocall habits. Hey, any way to fight back against those scammers is a win, right?

So don’t lose hope! While an uphill battle, it’s still worth investing effort into finding a lawyer who will take your robocall case for “free” via contingency – you just need to make a strong enough pitch that convinces them your case is worth their time. Justice may be tough, but it’s not impossible when these bottom-feeders egregiously violate the laws meant to protect consumers like yourself.

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