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Can I Use a Small Business Loan to Pay Personal Debt?

The situation: your business is profitable, but you’re drowning in personal debt. Credit card bills, student loans, medical expenses – they’re piling up faster than you can handle. So, the question arises: “Can I just take out a small business loan, and use that cash to pay off my personal debts?”

The Short Answer? No – Using Business Loan for Personal Debts is a Bad Idea

Look, we get it – when you’re stretched thin financially, the temptation to use any cash flow to stay afloat is strong. But using a business loan for personal expenses is a violation of the loan agreement. And if the lender finds out? They can demand full repayment immediately, destroy your credit rating, and pursue legal action.

Keeping Business and Personal Finances Separate is Critical

As a small business owner, one harsh truth you must accept: your business finances and personal finances are separate entities. Commingling funds between the two is a cardinal sin that can lead to:

  • Legal Penalties: Using business funds for personal gain can be considered fraud or tax evasion.
  • Liability Issues: If your business is sued or faces bankruptcy, your personal assets could be fair game without separation.
  • Loan Default: Misusing a business loan for personal debts violates the terms, allowing the lender to ruin your credit.

Mixing business and personal money erodes the liability protection that made starting your company so attractive in the first place. So, when facing personal debt, keep your grubby hands off that business loan cash.

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But I’m Desperate – What Can I Do About Personal Debt?

We get it, debt sucks – no matter how you rationalize using a business loan, it’s a big no-no. But you do have legal options for paying down that personal debt load:

Debt Consolidation Loan

Consider taking out a personal loan specifically for debt consolidation. Rolling multiple debts into one new loan can streamline payments, potentially at a lower interest rate. Just be wary of fees and make sure you can afford the new loan payment.

Balance Transfer Credit Cards

If you have decent credit, a balance transfer card with a 0% introductory APR can save interest fees while you work to pay down high-interest debts.

Debt Settlement

For debts you can’t reasonably repay in full, look into debt settlement programs. A company negotiates lump sum payoffs with your creditors for less than you owe. The hit to your credit is still severe, but it’s better than bankruptcy.


In a worst-case scenario, personal bankruptcy may be the path to discharging debts and getting a fresh start. Both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy aim to wipe out eligible personal loans, credit cards, and other debts while protecting certain assets.

Keep Your Finances Separated – No Matter How Tempting

Using a small business loan to pay personal debts is a massive red flag that can sink your business. No matter how dire your personal financial situation feels, keep business funds completely separated. Debt consolidation loans, balance transfers, settlements and bankruptcy are all better options than jeopardizing your company.

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