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Can You Stop An Administrative Wage Garnishment Once It Starts?

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Sure, I understand – I’m ready for the article.

So, can we put a halt to an administrative wage garnishment mid-action?

You bet we can! The thing about administrative wage garnishment is they’re not set in stone and can definitely be paused, reversed, or altogether cancelled under certain circumstances.

But let’s backtrack a bit – how does an administrative wage garnishment kick off in the first place?

Well, it all starts when the Big Guys over at the Treasury send out a warning of their plan to garnish your paycheck. You then have the chance to request a hearing. Don’t expect a court room drama though – these are usually “paper hearings”. That means you get to make your case via a written legal brief, which you back up with any supporting evidence you might have. But if you miss the boat on requesting a hearing, or the hearing doesn’t swing in your favor, the Treasury will go ahead and instruct your boss to start slicing off a piece of your paycheck – that’s your administrative wage garnishment right there.

It’s never too late for a hearing – Make a last-minute request!

Regardless of how far down the line the wage garnishment has progressed, there’s a small window of hope to reverse things. Even with a late request for a hearing, if no decision is reached within 60 days of this delayed request, administrative wage garnishment steps up to the plate to put on the brakes. This temporary freeze comes into effect on the 61st day following your hearing request.

Bring new evidence to the table

Now, suppose you requested a hearing, but things didn’t pan out your way. Fear not, for there’s a chance to swing back. If there’s new evidence that could clear you of the wage garnishment, then another hearing is a possibility. That being said, the government isn’t going to just hand out new hearings like candy on Halloween. If you’re after one, you’ll need to present them with upfront, solid evidence which proves your case.

Hard times call for hard measures

Sometimes life throws a curveball at you. If your paycheck is being garnished but then something changes in your financial situation for the worse, you could be eligible for a financial hardship exemption. An example? Let’s say your better half had a job when the initial hearing took place, but was handed a pink slip sometime after that, potentially halving your household income. In such circumstances, a new hearing can be requested to address the financial hardship now caused by the ongoing garnishment, given that you’re struggling even to cover your basic living needs. Just remember though, evidence of your financial predicament is a must.

If you find your wages being garnished by the government, give Lawscape a call. Lawscape and his team have been in the game for years working on cases just like these. They’re ready to advise you, free of charge, in the first consultation – just dial 833-428-0934.

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We’ve successfully defended millions of dollars in Treasury Debts through AWG Hearings, solutions via the Treasury Offset Program, management of Cross-servicing Disputes, representation against Private Collection Agencies, offer of compromises, and negotiated repayment agreements.

Moreover, the attorneys including Lawscape are fully authorized by the Agency Practice Act to represent Federal Debtors. Whether it’s before the SBA, The SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals, the Treasury Department, or the Bureau of Fiscal Service, we’re here to ensure you receive fair representation and a fighting chance at turning your finances around.

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