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You Took an MCA to Save Your Business – Now It’s Sinking You

There’s one harsh truth every business lawyer needs to understand – merchant cash advance (MCA) debt can destroy companies. You took an MCA to get fast cash, to seize an opportunity or just get through a rough patch. But now, those daily or weekly ACH drafts are bleeding you dry.You’re drowning, in debt – and you need a lifeline, fast. Colorado Springs MCA debt relief attorneys are that lifeline. We specialize in negotiating with lenders, settling balances, and getting businesses like yours out from under crushing MCA obligations.

The Vicious MCA Debt Cycle: How It Starts

It always starts the same way: your business needs funds, fast. Maybe it’s to cover payroll, buy inventory, or just stay afloat during a seasonal slump. You’ve maxed out credit cards and lines of credit. The bank denied you for a loan.Then, those MCA lenders come calling. “No credit check! Funding in 24 hours! Just a small percentage of future sales!” It sounds so good, so easy. You’re desperate, so you sign.And that’s when the debt trap is sprung. Those “small” payments start siphoning money from your account every single day. You’re on the hook for double the advance, triple even – thanks to those triple-digit interest rates they disguise as “factor rates.”Pretty soon, you can’t make payroll, utilities, or rent because so much is going to the MCA company. If you stop paying, they can lock your merchant accounts, go after a personal guarantee, or sue you into oblivion.You’re caught in a vicious, compounding cycle of debt. Every payment makes the hole deeper, until finally, inevitably – your business suffocates. All because of one merchant cash advance.

MCA Lawsuits? Frozen Accounts? We Protect Your Business

If you’re at the point where MCA lenders are taking legal action, our Colorado Springs lawyers can step in aggressively:

  • Lawsuits? We’ll counter-sue for violations of lending laws, improper licensing, usury and more.
  • Frozen bank accounts or merchant accounts? We’ll get injunctions to restore cash flow immediately.
  • Judgments or garnishments? We’ll fight to unwind them, penalty-free.
  • Confession of judgment? We know how to reopen those and get them vacated.
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Whatever MCA lenders throw at you, we have the litigation firepower to fight back twice as hard. Our experienced trial lawyers don’t get pushed around – we protect your business, assets and rights at all costs.

Negotiating MCA Debt Relief: Our Proven Strategies

For most clients, however, the best path forward is negotiating an MCA debt settlement. Our Colorado Springs attorneys take a multi-pronged approach:

  1. We’ll scrutinize your MCA agreements for any violations, deceits or unlawful provisions that could nullify the debt entirely. Lenders often miss technical requirements – that’s our chance to wipe the slate clean.
  2. We’ll pour over your financials, understand your true ability to pay, and negotiate accordingly. No more bleeding money you don’t have.
  3. Our team will make aggressive settlement offers, leveraging the lender’s own missteps against them. We know the laws inside-out, and we’re not afraid of scorched-earth legal tactics.
  4. If the lender gets difficult, we’ll map out bankruptcy options to crush the debt for good. Nothing motivates them like a credible bankruptcy threat.
  5. Once settled, we’ll ensure new merchant accounts, bank accounts, and revenue streams are locked down – no more MCA lenders can touch you.

Our goal? A manageable, affordable, lump-sum payoff that permanently cuts the MCA anchor from your neck. It’s your fresh start.

Debt Settlement vs Bankruptcy for MCA Relief: Know Your Options

For some businesses, debt settlement makes the most sense. For others, bankruptcy is the better path to MCA debt elimination. How do you know which option is right for you?It depends on factors like:

  • Your remaining cash reserves and income streams
  • How many MCA lenders you’re juggling
  • Whether you have other debts like equipment leases, lines of credit, etc.
  • If there are personal guarantees or assets on the line
  • Your long-term business plans and goals
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During your confidential consultation, our Colorado Springs debt relief lawyers will analyze your entire financial picture. We’ll lay out a detailed cost-benefit analysis of all options – settlement, Chapter 7, Chapter 11, etc.The right solution will be clear. And whichever path makes most sense, our team will pursue it aggressively to get you permanent relief.

Merchant Cash Advance Nightmares? We Turn Them Into Dreams

Here are just a few hypothetical scenarios where our Colorado Springs MCA debt relief attorneys have saved the day:

You own a restaurant that took an $85,000 MCA to get through COVID shutdowns. Now you’re paying $5,000 every single week – over $250,000 per year! Our lawyers renegotiated it down to a $35,000 lump sum payoff, a 60% discount.

Your construction company owes $320,000 to three different MCA lenders. They’ve frozen your bank accounts and are suing you personally. We got injunctions to unfreeze accounts immediately, then settled all three debts for $110,000 total.

You defaulted on a $75,000 MCA, and the lender got a judgment for $135,000. Before they could garnish wages or seize assets, we reopened the case and proved violations – judgment vacated, debt eliminated.

An MCA lender locked your merchant accounts after you fell behind. We sued them for licensing violations, got your accounts restored, settled the $92,000 debt for $25,000 – and made them pay our legal fees.

These are just examples, of course – every business’s situation is unique. But they illustrate the power of having a relentless, hyper-specialized MCA debt relief law firm on your side.

Why Choose Delancey Street for Colorado Springs MCA Debt Relief?

When your back is against the wall, buried under MCA debt, you need the heaviest hitters in your corner. Here’s why businesses across Colorado trust Delancey Street:

  • We’re not generalists – we’re MCA debt relief specialists. This niche is all we do, every single day.
  • Our attorneys have over 50 years of combined experience untangling the knottiest MCA cases.
  • We’ve beaten every major MCA lender in court and at the settlement table – no one is too big for us to take on.
  • We’re not afraid of bankruptcy, if that’s the best solution. Our litigators will leverage it to get you the best possible outcome.
  • We take cases on a contingency basis – you pay nothing until we achieve real debt relief for you.
  • Most importantly, we leave no stone unturned in pursuing the absolute optimal result for your business. You deserve a fresh start, and we’ll fight like hell to get it for you.
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Take the First Step Towards MCA Debt Freedom – Call Now

Look, we get it – dealing with crushing MCA debt is one of the most stressful, demoralizing situations a business owner can face. You probably feel trapped, hopeless, like you’ll never dig out.But you can escape this nightmare. You just need to take the first step and call Delancey Street’s Colorado Springs MCA debt relief lawyers.During a free, fully confidential consultation, we’ll analyze every angle of your situation. We’ll lay out all possible paths to relief – settlement, bankruptcy, or otherwise. We’ll give you the honest truth about what it will take to get your business breathing again.And if you decide to bring us on board? We’ll hit the ground sprinting, fighting to get you maximum debt relief as fast as humanly possible. No more sleepless nights, no more knots in your stomach – just a clear path forward.

Delancey Street is here for you

Our team is available always to help you. Regardless of whether you need advice, or just want to run a scenario by us. We take pride in the fact our team loves working with our clients - and truly cares about their financial and mental wellbeing.

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