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Is the Federal Government Tapping Your Phone?

Is the Federal Government Tapping Your Phone?
Federal agents often know quite a bit about you and your case when they show up at your front door during an investigation. These agents may have gone through your bank statements, or even read some of your emails. This frequently comes as a shock to defendants and leaves you wondering—has the federal government been tapping your phone? When did they begin? Wiretaps are serious and feel like a complete invasion of privacy.

If you are under investigation and suspect the government is listening in on your phone calls, contact an experienced federal defense lawyer as soon as possible. The lawyer will help you determine the best course of action and will start building a strategic defense to avoid potential criminal conviction. The quicker you get connected with a knowledgeable legal representative, the higher your chances are of obtaining the best available outcome. Work with a defense lawyer who will aggressively fight for you throughout the stages of your criminal case.

How Do Wiretaps Work in Federal Criminal Cases?
Federal agents cannot legally tap your phone whenever they want to as they have to follow strict guidelines and go through a specific process to obtain approval. The government can only use a wiretap in certain cases, some of which include those involving terrorism crimes, counterfeiting, misuse of passports, drug dealing, and aircraft parts fraud. Before they can tap your phones, the prosecutor with the Department of Justice has to file a request with a federal judge. This request should include a description of who is going to be wiretapped and other specific details about the tap. The wiretap can last no more than 30 days at a time and requires the prosecutor to file a new request with a federal judge if they want to continue listening in on your phone calls. The federal judge may choose to order reports of the information being revealed from the wiretap and updates as the investigation progresses.

Since wiretaps are so complicated, these are not as common as defendants may think. A prosecutor has to devote many hours to following the steps that make a wiretap possible and also generally needs approval from the Department of Justice to file a request. It takes a lot of time to draft an order that explains why a wiretap is necessary. All of these deterrents make it unlikely that you will be wiretapped. To ensure your legal rights are upheld, it would be best to hire a skilled defense lawyer who will fearlessly battle for you and give you a fair shot at justice.

Defense Representation against Federal Criminal Charges
With us, your freedom is our top priority. We have years of extensive experience defending the wrongfully accused and are ready to put our knowledge to work in your case. Reach out to us if you are looking for an attorney that cares about your case and will devote ample time and attention to reviewing every detail. We treat every criminal case that comes across our desk like it is our own. We are committed to doing everything we can to get you on track to receiving the best available results. As one of the best defense firms, we believe in empowering our clients to make wise decisions that will greatly impact the rest of their lives. Don’t know where to start or what to do? Leave everything to us; we will explain every step to you as we go. With us, you will be guided and protected throughout the process. Our team’s proven results showcase the effectiveness of our approach, making it easier to trust us with your future. Don’t wait any longer. If you are being investigated for a federal criminal offense, contact us right away. We will help you determine the next step in your federal criminal case, setting you up for success.

We know that your federal criminal case is time sensitive. Call our toll free number at your most convenient time and get connected with an experienced case analyst who will provide you with a free initial case consultation. You may also send us a message online to schedule a discussion. Secure our legal services now and let us work together to build a strategic defense.

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