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Los Angeles Defective Products Lawyers

Los Angeles Defective Products Lawyers

Manufacturers create defective products every year. These products can be harmless, or dangerous, depending on their usage. Millions of people every year are harmed as a result of defective products. Consumers hurt due to the negligence of a manufacturer may be entitled to financial compensation. Often, in many cases, companies are negligent in the production or manufacturing of products. Product manufacturers and anyone in the chain of commerce can be held liable for harm caused by a negligently designed, manufactured, of inadequately warned product. California law holds that negligent manufacturers, sellers, re-sellers, re-manufacturers and dealers can all be forced to pay for a defective or dangerous product that caused injury to a consumer.

When a product fails to perform as promised, and causes injury/harm, then legal action must be taken in order to rectify this.

Millions Recovered

For this reason – compensation is available to those who are victims of defective products in Los Angeles.

If you-or someone you know or love, is the victim of a defective product, you may be eligible for financial compensation, and can take legal action to pursue it. You may be eligible for financial compensation due to your medical bills, and other losses incurred. At Farar and Lewis LLP, we recognize how daunting this task can be, and we are here to provide our clients with the hard, and fast, assistance they need. We are your partners, and we can represent you. We are  your advocates , and are invested in your case and prepared to go the distance to protect your best interests.

In the case of defective products, many victims have suffered catastrophic injuries as a result of breach of warranty, product liability, design defects, hidden or fatal defects, or even failure to warn of risks associated with products. If you’ve been injured as a result of faulty medical devices, food poisoning, or any commercial product, we can help you. We have over 30 years of combined experience to file a claim against the responsible companies/individuals.

Farar & Lewis LLP can help hold major corporations accountable, for betraying the consumer trust by selling defective products, and products with inadequate instructions and warnings. We  are committed to representing injured consumers in defective product liability cases.

Receive Compensation

  • Pain/Suffering
  • Medical Bills for the care you’ve already received, and will receive in the future
  • Lost Wages