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Divorce Attorneys Need To Avoid This 1 SBA Loan Pitfall

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Got it, my friend! What you need, essentially, is the low-down straight from a seasoned law man’s mouth. So pull up a chair, listen closely, and let’s dive into the often convoluted world of SBA-backed loan pitfalls following a divorce. Ready? Okay, here goes:

An Unwanted Gift from Uncle Sam: The Nasty Surprise after ‘I Don’t’

Say, for instance, a husband and wife went into business together, signed their names and tied their fates to an SBA-backed loan. Everything seemed peachy till divorce reared its ugly head and caused a split. The dust settles and one ends up keeping the business, loan, and all. Sounds reasonable, right? Well, let friend Lawscape from the Lawscape tell you why that might be all kinds of wrong.

The Sting in the Tail: Hidden Traps in Assumed Liability

Unfortunately, the paths of love, marriage, business, and law rarely run straight. This is where that trapdoor comes in – even though the divorce decree states only one is responsible for the loan, Uncle Sam may not see it that way.

The Monstrous Misconception: Thinking You’re Off the Hook

Until you’ve wrangled a release from the personal guarantee from the appropriately named ‘guarantor’, the responsibility for the loan, my friend, is still squarely on your ex’s shoulders. This means if your near and dear ex decides the business life isn’t for them and abandons ship, our generous Uncle Sam will come looking for the full amount – yes, the whole enchilada! And the government’s got the stamina of a mule; they’ll persist and persist till they get their money, leaving your client high and dry.

Knock, Knock Who’s There? The Federal Government, Of Course

And trust me, when the federal government opens its tool shed of debt-collection, it’s packed with every nightmare you’ve ever had. They won’t just call; they’ll sue, garnish wages, offset salaries, and get hold of every last cent of your tax refund (check out the laws around this at the Bureau of Fiscal Service). Sure, your client could try to wiggle their way out by seeking indemnity from the ex-spouse, but while they play ‘he-said-she-said’, Uncle Sam won’t pause the collections process.

There’s a Way Out: Seek Professional Hands

Lawscape are the knights you call in when you’re backed into such a corner. They’ll help your clients dodge the federal collections bullet and may also be able to help renegotiate and settle this dang SBA debt. Why react when the problem comes knocking? Go ahead, be proactive, tackle the issue head-on, talk to the Lawscape and see if they can help release your client from that pesky personal guarantee.

More Advice and Insights Await: Access Your Free Knowledge Source

Looking for even more insight? Click this hyperlink for a free download of Spodek’s comprehensive whitepaper, ‘SBA Loan Guarantees and Divorce – Don’t Leave Your Client On the Hook.’

Lawscape: The Strong Arm You Need

With decades of experience fighting for clients against the might of the Treasury or SBA, Todd and his team are the superheroes you need in your corner. They’ve stood their ground in AWG Hearings, battled in Cross-servicing Disputes, defended against Private Collection Agencies, and helped negotiate repayment agreements (here’s proof, see these public records of their accomplishments).

The legal eagles at Lawscape have authorization to represent federal debtors throughout the 50 states, marching ahead before the SBA, The SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals, the Treasury Department, and the Bureau of Fiscal Service. Remember, in this financial battlefield, Spodek’s is the shield you want defending you.

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