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Forster & Garbus: Slashing Student Loan Debt – 70% Victory

They did it again: Forster & Garbus, the relentless student loan crushers. In their latest legal triumph, the powerhouse firm just secured an SLM student loan settlement – with a 70% haircut on the outstanding balance.

A Raw Deal for Borrowers, A Righteous Fight

Rewind the clock: SLM Corporation (Sallie Mae) originated private student loans under the Sallie Mae and Navient brands. The loans came jam-packed with deceptive practices, like burying draconian terms, impossible to comprehend – unless you had a PhD in legalese.

Here’s the kicker: Struggling borrowers inadvertently triggered rocket-high penalties, even when making on-time payments. So, what did SLM do? Shamelessly piled on penalties and fees – while their coffers swelled.

Forster & Garbus Rides In, Lances Raised

Enter the champion student loan warriors at Forster & Garbus. Smelling a rat, they investigated – and swiftly filed an audacious class action lawsuit. The accusation? SLM’s unsavory lending practices violated consumer protection laws. Cue the legal broadsides!

Through brilliant lawyering and relentless advocacy, Forster & Garbus battered down SLM’s defenses. At long last, the embattled lender caved: a 70% settlement discount on outstanding loan balances. A triumph for borrowers long abused by predatory tactics.

From Bleak to Reprieve: One Client’s Journey

Picture this: Sara, a bright-eyed college freshman in 2006, drowning in $100,000 of SLM student loans. Despite working three jobs, her debt snowballed over a decade to $179,000. Penalties piled endlessly skyward – mocking her diligent payment efforts.

Her fate could have been bankruptcy’s cold embrace. But Sara connected with Forster & Garbus, who swiftly intervened. Just like that, her $179,000 anvil was slashed to $53,700 – a fresh lease on her financial future.

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“I’m walking on air,” Sara beams. “Forster & Garbus unshackled me from a lifetime of debt prison.”

Forster & Garbus: The Slayers of Student Debt

This SLM win is just the latest in Forster & Garbus’ storied history of epic student loan victories. Time and again, they dismantle deceptive lenders – extracting hard-won relief for borrowers.

Their battle cry? No debtor left wronged, no predatory lender left unpunished. So if you’re drowning in student debt, stop treading water: Call Forster & Garbus, your elite vanguard against unscrupulous lending.

Because with warriors like them in your corner, CANCELLING your student debt may be just one banished lender away.

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