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The Ultimate Guide to Negotiating a Partial UCC Lien Release for Your Merchant Cash Advance

What’s a UCC Lien and Why Does It Matter?

A UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) lien is like a leash that your merchant cash advance provider uses to keep tabs on your business assets. Basically, it gives them a legal claim over stuff like your equipment, inventory, and accounts receivable until you’ve paid back the advance in full.

Now, you might be thinking “Ugh, why did I agree to that?” But here’s the deal – merchant cash advances are considered high-risk for lenders, so they want that extra security blanket just in case things go sideways.

The good news? You can actually negotiate to get that leash loosened a bit through a partial UCC lien release. And trust me, having some wiggle room with your assets can be a game-changer for your biz.

Why Would I Want a Partial Release?

There are a few solid reasons why you might want to pursue a partial UCC lien release:

  • Refinancing or Getting New Funding: Lenders get spooked by existing liens, so removing some assets from the lien could help you qualify for better rates or terms on new financing.
  • Selling Assets: If you want to sell off some equipment or inventory that’s currently tied up in the lien, a partial release frees those up.
  • Expanding Your Business: Need to use your accounts receivable as collateral for a new loan to grow your company? A lien release makes that possible.

Basically, a partial release gives you more flexibility to make moves with your assets – whether that’s refinancing debt, selling stuff off, or using them as collateral for new funding.

How to Negotiate Like a Pro

Alright, now for the good stuff – here’s how to actually negotiate that partial UCC lien release:

Do Your Homework

Knowledge is power when it comes to negotiations. Before you even reach out to your merchant cash advance provider, make sure you understand:

  • Exactly what assets are included in the current lien (check that UCC filing!)
  • Your payment history and outstanding balance
  • The terms of your original merchant cash advance agreement
  • Market rates and terms for similar funding products
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Arming yourself with this info shows the provider you’re serious and have a solid grasp on your situation.

Know Your Leverage

The key to any good negotiation is leverage – having something valuable to bargain with. When it comes to a lien release, your leverage could include:

  • A strong payment history showing you’re low-risk
  • Offering to pay down a chunk of the outstanding balance
  • Highlighting your business’s growth and future earnings potential
  • Pointing out issues with the original UCC filing that could weaken their position

Figure out what you’ve got in your leverage arsenal, and be ready to play those cards at the right time.

Start High, But Stay Reasonable

Don’t be afraid to open negotiations by asking for more than you really want or expect to get. That gives you room to compromise while still hitting your target.

But don’t go overboard here – making an outrageous first offer could hurt your credibility and sour the whole negotiation. Keep it ambitious but still grounded in reality.

Get it in Writing

Once you’ve reached an agreement, get all the details documented thoroughly in a new contract or addendum. Things to nail down include:

  • Exactly which assets are being released from the lien
  • Whether there are any fees or payments required for the release
  • A clear effective date for when the release kicks in
  • Signatures from both parties making it legally binding

Having it all spelled out in writing protects both you and the merchant cash advance provider down the line.

Bring in a Professional If Needed

If negotiations stall out or get too complicated, don’t be afraid to loop in some professional help like:

  • An attorney experienced in UCC law and lien releases
  • An accountant who can evaluate financial impacts
  • A broker or funder who specializes in merchant cash advances
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Sometimes having an objective third-party can provide the fresh perspective needed to get everyone on the same page.

The Pros and Cons of Pursuing a Lien Release

Like any financial move, there are potential pros and cons to weigh when it comes to negotiating a UCC lien release:


  • ✅ Increased financial flexibility and freedom to use assets
  • ✅ Ability to qualify for new funding or refinancing
  • ✅ Option to sell off or leverage released assets
  • ✅ Reduced risk if your business hits hard times


  • ❌ Lender may require concessions like fees or balance paydown
  • ❌ Negotiation process can be time-consuming and complex
  • ❌ Risk of souring relationship with merchant cash advance provider
  • ❌ Some assets likely still encumbered by remaining lien

As with any big decision for your business, make sure you carefully evaluate both the potential upsides and downsides before moving forward.

When a Partial Release Might Not Be an Option

Unfortunately, there are some situations where negotiating a partial UCC lien release just isn’t in the cards:

  • If you have a history of late payments or defaults: Lenders will be way less willing to cut you any slack.
  • If your business is struggling financially: They’ll see it as too risky to let go of that security blanket.
  • If you still owe a significant portion of the advance: Most won’t consider it until you’re much closer to paying it off.
  • If your original agreement has strict no-modification terms: Some contracts make it extremely difficult, if not impossible.

In cases like these, your best bet may be to simply ride out the remainder of your merchant cash advance agreement. Or, look into alternatives like refinancing the full balance with a new lender.

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Other Potential Lien Resolution Strategies

Negotiating a partial release isn’t the only way to get some breathing room from that UCC lien. Here are a couple other options that may be worth exploring:

  • UCC Termination: If you’ve paid off the merchant cash advance in full, you can request the lender terminate (completely remove) the lien. This frees up all your assets.
  • UCC Amendment: Similar to a partial release, but amends the original filing to exclude certain assets from the lien’s scope.
  • Subordination Agreement: This contracts allows a new lender to take priority position on certain assets, essentially “outranking” the merchant cash advance provider’s lien.

Each of these paths has its own set of pros, cons, and negotiation strategies – so do your research to determine which route is best for your situation.

The Bottom Line on UCC Lien Releases

Negotiating a partial UCC lien release from your merchant cash advance provider can be a powerful way to regain control and flexibility with your business assets. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution, and it takes some serious preparation and savvy negotiation skills to pull off successfully.

By understanding the ins and outs, weighing the potential impacts, and leveraging proven strategies – you’ll be in the best position to strike a deal that unlocks new opportunities for your company’s growth.

And if you do decide to pursue a release, having the right team of professionals like attorneys, accountants, and brokers in your corner can make all the difference in the outcome.

At the end of the day, a little strategic lien release can go a long way towards keeping your business financially healthy and positioned for success. So don’t be afraid to at least explore the possibility – your future, unencumbered self will thank you!

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