Most recently, a consumer contacted us looking for debt relief. The client had immense credit card debt, and some medical debt.


The client had immense debt, ranging from medical debt, to student debt. Some of the debt was difficult to negotiate and manage due to the sheer size and nature of the debt. The client truly needed someone who would help him get the assistance he needed. Moreover, lenders were unwilling to negotiate and settle with the client. Most lenders ignored his plea for settlement, or some form of discussions on how to manage his debt so it didn’t crush him.


Lawscape was able to get the lenders to realize the client was at the brink of bankruptcy. By doing a complete financial workup / analysis of the client, Lawscape was able to use concrete data to help prove the client needed financial help and was not playing games.

We were able to get the lenders to settle for 50% of the original value of the debt.