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Last Will and Testament Lawyers

A Last Will and Testament is one of the most important documents you will ever create in your lifetime. It sets forth your wishes as they would be if you were to pass away. We all know how quickly life goes by, how unexpected events happen, and so most people have a firm grasp of just how important a Will and Testament is. And yet there are people reading this right now who still haven’t drafted a Last Will. We’re glad that you’ve found this page because there are some important facts that you need to know about a Last Will and Testament. There’s a process for creating your will that a good Probate Lawyer will explain to you and help you execute.

Creating your Last Will and Testament

This is all part of good Estate Planning. After you pass away, your loved ones will look for your Will. If you don’t have one, things can quickly be turned over to a Probate court that will decide how to distribute property, money, and assets to heirs. This is something that most people don’t want to put their families through, as people may contest the court’s decisions and they may not be YOUR decisions at all. When you create a will, your lawyer will help you do things like:

– Choose an Executor of your estate (the person who will oversee the distribution of everything you’ve discussed in your will)
– This Executor will open a case with Probate court, identify estate assets
– Pay off creditors

And that’s just the beginning. As you can see, choosing your Executor will be one of the most important things you ever do for yourself and your family. This person must be trustworthy and capable of carrying out all of the wishes of your will. Your attorney will discuss potential Executors with you before you begin creating your will.

Important Components of the Will

Different areas of your will direct your Executor in their endeavor to carrying out your final wishes. Raiser & Kenniff, PC is a probate law firm that knows how to craft a legally binding will in New York. Remember that a will here must be witnessed, and this means that you’re going to need to make sure that the will follows the laws of New York and will be deemed authentic. Sometimes family members will contest the authenticity of a will. To avoid this, make sure that you sit down with your lawyer every step of the way and let them direct you in how to word the will and what parts to add. While it’s ultimately up to you as to how your will reads, remember that it’s the lawyer who knows best about things like this. You’ll work closely with our lawyers who will help you make sure that everything in your will is correct, right down to the final signature.

Other types of wills are handwritten, and those are called Holographic wills. Some states don’t acknowledge everything in these wills, and so you still might be putting your family in the position of having to go into Probate at some point to sort things out. It’s always best to call on our law offices and construct a will that you KNOW will be legally binding when you pass away. This helps your family members avoid the grim prospect of having to deal with the grief of your passing while going to Probate court. The enormous cost to them and the stress and worry that comes from matters like this take a tremendous toll on people who are already hurting and grieving. There’s no need to go through this.

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