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Will Trustee Lawyers

Making a will isn’t as easy as it might sound. When the average person thinks of a will, they think in terms of regular, human things. You spell out what your wishes are and courts will follow it, right? Unfortunately, the legal system speaks in a language far removed from that of the average person. Things must be worded certain ways, witnessed by people, and legally valid in the eyes of the law. Only an Estate Lawyer is going to be able to help you with issues involving a Will Trustee. So when you’re planning your estate and thinking of naming a Will Trustee, make sure to contact the professionals at Raiser & Kenniff, PC.

Will Trustee

The Executor and Will Trustee have different functions but many people choose to have the same person perform both functions. A lawyer can help you understand the difference between these two titles and how you can carry out your responsibilities as one or both. They can also help you name your own Will Trustee or Executor and make sure that your legal documents are going to hold up in court as valid. The fewer problems you have will wills or trusts, the easier your life will be.

Executor Vs Will Trustee

The Executor of your will manages your assets. That’s their job. A Will Trustee, however, will manage only assets of a trust you’ve left to beneficiaries of the will. The assets in the trust will be different from your assets in general. So if you have a trust set up, it’s vital that you name a Will Trustee who can handle these things. Don’t let the courts name your Trustee FOR you. When you’re alive, it’s within your power to talk to an Estate Planning attorney who can set everything up for you just the way you want it. Never leave you family having to sort through your money and assets after death. It can lead to Probate, and that’s a nightmare word for people who have just lost someone they love.

Why the Will Trustee Matters

Any lawyer will tell you that you should carefully contemplate who you want to name as your Will Trustee. That’s because they are going to conduct very important business after death, and if you’ve been named as one yourself, you KNOW that you have many legal and personal responsibilities to your loved one to make sure that things are as they intended. You need to name someone who is trustworthy, who will carry out your wishes down to the letter, and who will rely on the help of a good attorney to make sure that nothing goes wrong during the process.

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The legal team here at Raiser & Kenniff, PC invite you to call us today to discuss matters involving a Will Trustee. Whether you’ve been named a Will Trustee and want to do your duties correctly, or you’re trying to name a Will Trustee yourself, we’re going to be here for you every step of the way to make sure that you’re able to fulfill your wishes or those of your loved one. Naming a Will Trustee involves naming someone who will deliberately care about the Trust, remain loyal to beneficiaries of the Trust, and follow the Trust provisions down to the last letter. Naming a Will Trustee is one of the most important things you will ever do in the matter of Estate planning, and if you’ve been trusted with this job, then you know how important it’s going to be to have a good lawyer on your side throughout the process.

Probate is something that no one wants to have to face. Trusts are an important part of avoiding Probate and tying up grief stricken loved ones in a lengthy court process that will often come between family members and cause so much pain and stress. Don’t let that happen. Call our legal professionals today. With over 100 combined years of experience, we have vast knowledge about Will Trustee matters, and our compassionate team will be with you as you go through this very difficult time. Give us a call today. We look forward to helping.

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