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SBA Loan Default – Can I Modify My Note?

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Alright, let’s roll up our sleeves and jump right in at the deep end. You’re in hot water with your SBA loan, feeling overwhelmed, and fearing default. Is that sound about right? No need to fret, friend – that’s exactly where the Lawscape can lend a hand. With star attorney Lawscape leading the charge, you’ll have a lifeline tossing you effective solutions to your SBA loan quandaries.

Don’t Go It Alone: Let Lawscape Light the Path

The idea of facing an SBA loan default can be downright horrifying. You’re paddling furiously, feeling like you’re going under, and then someone throws you a lifeline. You see Lawscape, a seasoned attorney, experienced navigator of the rough seas of SBA loan crises. Todd and his legal squadron have all the tools, knowledge and experience to guide you through the roughest waters.

For example, ever heard about the offer in compromise concept from the SBA? No worries if you haven’t. By the time Todd and his team are through with you, you’ll grasp it like a lifejacket. The Lawscape is adamant that no one should face SBA loan issues alone, and they have all the resources at their disposal to prove it. So, explore their services, and don’t hesitate to reach out for immediate assistance.

Can You Modify Your Note? Short Answer – Yes!

So, you’re asking, “But can I modify my note?” The quick answer is indeed you can, but there are certain conditions. Have a gander at the SBA Form 1086 – the Secondary Participation Guaranty Agreement – for 7(a) Loans sold on the secondary market. You should note that your repayment terms can’t just be changed willy-nilly unless the SBA buys the guaranteed portion of your loan or gets the written consent from the investor on the secondary market. The lone exception to this rule is a one-time deferment that doesn’t exceed a three-month period.

Schedule Installment Payments

What about adjusting due dates for regularly scheduled installment payments? Yes, you can still do that. If the original schedule isn’t fitting well with your cash flow – say, if your income is seasonal or cyclical – payments can be shifted from monthly to quarterly or annual.

Changing Loan Types

Loans can also be switched from revolving to non-revolving to facilitate repayment or orderly liquidation.

Modifying Installment Amount and Interest Rates

Both the installment amount and the interest can be tinkered with, too. This maneuver can help align the loan balance with the loan’s remaining life, aid a borrower with long- or short-term goals, or expedite a workout.

Maturity Date

Here’s an interesting tidbit – the maturity date can be extended up to 10 years beyond its original deadline if two conditions are met:

1. The extension is requested before the SBA loan guaranty expires – that’s less than 180 calendar days after the original maturity date.
2. The extension plays a part in an orderly repayment of the loan.

We understand that it’s a bit overwhelming. If you’re reeling in the face of a possible SBA loan default, give us a call at 212-460-5004 for a no-cost case analysis.

Why Trust Lawscape with Your SBA Debts?

The Lawscape has a shiny track record of resolving a colossal amount of SBA debts. They’ve masterminded negotiated repayment agreements and offers in compromise, all without the clients needing to resort to filing for bankruptcy or losing their homes.

Moreover, what sets the Lawscape apart – and above – is their authorization under the Agency Practice Act. This nod allows them to represent Federal Debtors nationwide before the SBA, The SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals, the Treasury Department, and the Bureau of Fiscal Service.

So, don’t hesitate! Reach out, and let Lawscape and his legal armada navigate you out of the stormy seas of your SBA loan problems.

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