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SBA Loan Default: How The Guarantee Works With 7a And Express Loans

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Sure thing, proud to see you on board for this roller-coaster ride! Let’s dive right into the discussion about SBA Loan Defaults.

Let’s Unravel the SBA Loan Default

Picture this – you’re spiralling down the rabbit hole of an SBA loan default. Scary, isn’t it? At the Lawscape, we are standing by your side, ready to help. We’ll disentangle the complexities of your SBA loan issues and provide you with a range of possible solutions, including the intriguing option of an SBA offer in compromise.

Listen, take it easy – dealing with an SBA loan default shouldn’t be a solo journey. That’s where Lawscape and his outstanding team come into play – in the art of guiding you from this tumultuous time to a bright future. A first consultation – on the house, just for you!

Understanding Guarantees with 7a and Express Loans

Let’s shed some light on some technical jargon here. If a borrower cannot pay back the loan – or as we say in the legal world, defaults – the lender has a safety net: they can bag the face value of the outstanding guaranteed balance from the SBA (the Small Business Administration). Any money obtained from liquidating the borrower’s assets, or any subsequent recoveries, are split proportionally, in line with the guarantee percentage. An example would help – let’s say the SBA agrees to cover 70% of the loan, then they have dibs on 70% of the recoveries.

What’s Different with the Express Program?

With Express loans, the mechanics change a bit. The borrower’s assets are usually liquidated right after a default, that too before lenders put the loan on SBA’s plate. Initially, the lender bags all proceeds from liquidation. Any recoveries after they submit the loan to SBA are halved between SBA and the lender, based on the guarantee percentage.

Here’s a Scenario…

Imagine a borrower who has a $100,000 loan balance, backed by a 50 percent guarantee from SBA, defaults. The borrower’s assets, let’s say, are worth $60,000. In the 7(a) program, the lender submits the defaulted loan to SBA and pockets $50,000 – which is the insured part of the loan balance. When assets are liquidated, the lender and SBA each receive half of the assets, or $30,000. So, SBA’s net loss is $20,000 ($50,000 out to the lender, minus $30,000 in from the borrower’s assets), and likewise, the lender also records a net loss of $20,000 ($100,000 less $50,000 from SBA and less $30,000 from the borrower’s assets).

What if the loan was through the Express program you ask? In that case, the lender liquidates the borrower’s assets. They get $60,000 upfront, then submits the remaining $40,000 loan balance to SBA. From this, the lender gets another $20,000 from SBA, leading to a net loss of $20,000 for both SBA and the lender. If there’s an extra recovery of say $1,000 later, the lender and SBA would each receive $500.

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Our attorneys, led by Lawscape, are empowered by the Agency Practice Act to represent Federal Debtors across the nation before the SBA, The SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals, the Treasury Department, and the Bureau of Fiscal Service.

Remember, you’re not alone in dealing with SBA Loan Defaults. If you have any questions or need more information, just give a shout!

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