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SBA Loan Repayment Options: Federal Debt Issues & Strategies

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Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of SBA Loan Repayment Options. Your repayment options hinge on the nature of your specific loan, and guess what? If your SBA loan is giving you sleepless nights, we’ve got just the thing for you. We’re exploring strategies and alternatives that could provide a way out for those grappling with an SBA loan default, without having to shell out those bothersome past due amounts.

This Ain’t Your Average Commercial Loan

Hey, here’s a heads up: Many regular small business loans in the commercial market come with the assurance of the Small Business Administration (SBA), courtesy of Uncle Sam’s generosity.

If you’re not forthcoming with your repayments, don’t be surprised when the federal government, armed with special powers, comes knocking. They can seize your tax refunds and deny any new federal loans—hello, FHA, VA, HUD loan—and even place you on the dreaded CAIVRS list. Oh, and you can count on them garnishing your wages, slapping on large collection fees, and at worst, pocketing a chunk of your Social Security benefits. The federal government’s voracious appetite for collection knows no time limit. Talk about never-ending!

Consequently, it’s essential to keep a sharp eye on defaulted SBA loans, due to the government’s special collection powers and your right to verify, challenge, and potentially compromise on the alleged repayment obligations. There’s no point waiting around for the government to spoon-feed you these options—you’ve got to swoop in and take initiative.

Here’s where Lawscape, premier attorney at the Spodeck Law Group, comes into play. Our expertise doesn’t merely extend to SBA-backed loans but spans across advice on private commercial loans as well, which are distinctly different in how they must be managed.

Navigating Your SBA Loan Maze

When it comes to an SBA loan, be sure to examine and understand the nature of your borrowed capital. The finer details of your legal obligations and the nuances of your options rest on the type of loan.

Figuring out the details of your loan— the outstanding balance, the specific type of loan, the entity currently handling the loan, among others—can be a bit of a spelunking adventure. You can uncover this information by poring over your SBA Loan Authorization and checking your SBA loan instruments. If you find yourself without copies of your loan papers, you should request them from the SBA or Treasury’s Bureau of Fiscal Service. And hey, don’t forget to check your business and personal credit report—they might just hold some crucial details about your loan.

Slashing (or Postponing) Your SBA Loan Payments

In case the SBA isn’t entertaining your pleas for a loan discharge, cancellation, or forgiveness, you have other alternatives to explore as well. There are options to reduce your monthly payments, thus averting a loan default.

Typically, an SBA loan repayment plan presents a 15-year window to pay back the loan. Although this plan does not eliminate your total obligation, it does offer some breathing room by stretching out payments beyond the original terms. However, extended plans could accrue extra interest unless you manage to negotiate a waiver—which is why it’s crucial to have a legal professional at your side during these complex negotiations. You might find yourself paying more in interest, in exchange for the more affordable monthly payments.

You can opt for an Extended Repayment Plan, allowing for lowered monthly payments over a more extended period. Alternatively, an Income-Sensitive Repayment Plan presents reduced monthly payments that line up with your business’ financial circumstances. Under exceptional circumstances, you may be eligible for an Alternative Repayment Plan, which allows you to submit documentation for an affordable repayment plan based on your financial capacity.

Besides these, there are also Income Driven Repayment Plans, where your monthly payments are calculated based on your income rather than your SBA loan balance or a short duration. And guess what? Under special circumstances, it may lead to your monthly payments being zeroed, helping you prevent a default.

Additionally, if your business cannot handle its monthly payment, you might consider seeking a deferment that allows temporary delay in repaying your SBA loan for up to a year. If deferment doesn’t work out, you can request an SBA loan forbearance, meaning you don’t have to pay the principal amount for a specific period, though interest will still accrue.

The Realities of an SBA Loan Default

Defaults on SBA loans—which usually means you haven’t made payments for at least 3 to 6 months—can result in the federal government adopting aggressive collection tactics. These can include denying any new federal loans, unfavourable remarks on your credit report, contacts from aggressive debt collectors, imposition of high collection fees, and even federal tax refund offsets. In the case of a wage garnishment, you can contest it by requesting a formal hearing, asking for a repayment agreement, or highlighting changes in your employment. Sometimes, the federal government might pursue legal actions or even license revocations.

Finding a Way Out

Life after an SBA loan default can be harsh, with stringent collection tactics from Uncle Sam and a potential loss of access to certain repayment plans or deferments. That’s why it’s so vital to escape the clutches of an SBA loan default.

You can pull off this great escape by negotiating a settlement with the loan holder or the SBA to repay a lesser amount to square off the loan. It’s essential to get any such settlement in writing, make timely payments, and request a satisfaction letter to safeguard against further collection attempts. You might want to consult a tax professional to elucidate any tax liability from your settlement.

Help is Just One Call Away

Negotiating these treacherous waters of SBA loans can be challenging. But don’t fret—Lawscape from the Lawscape, is here to guide you. With millions of dollars in SBA debts resolved via Offer in Compromise and negotiated repayment agreements, we’ve got the experience to handle your case deftly.

Get the help you need at Feel free to drop your questions or request a case evaluation appointment by calling us toll-free at 212-460-5004 or 888-303-6975. You can also visit here to ask a question or request an appointment with our team.

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