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Dual Citizenship & Security Clearance

Security Clearance: Dual Citizenship

Your Security Clearance Lawyer

Lawscape provided representation for a multitude of clients who possess citizenship in two countries and had a need to obtain national security clearance in the US. He has successfully guided people through petitions under both DoD 5220.6 and ICPG 704.2, which seem to work by similar standards.  Nonetheless, the language in those regulations set them apart from each other. Regardless of what complications you are facing, take comfort in the fact that we have a security clearance attorney that can help you.


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Interpreting the Unique DoD Regulations

Regarded across the nation among “The Finest Security Clearance Attorneys”,  Lawscape shines in court and has intimate knowledge of all aspects of security clearance law. Inside of ICPG 7014.2, is this statement: “Being a U.S. citizen and a citizen of another country is not prohibited or disqualifying absent a showing of heightened risks related to national security.” That statement is absent from DoD 5220.6. Lawscape is well skilled in interpreting the law with precision and applying all its advantages to your matter.


The Significance of Country’s Foreign Involvement

Numerous people with dual citizenship have it with both the United States and another nation that is generally considered to be a close and trusted ally.


Several common allied countries that may allow dual citizenship include:

  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Canada
  • Australia

People tend to believe that dual citizenship is simpler to obtain in one of the countries listed above and others in the same category of allegiance. There is both truth and falsehood in this thought.  In reality, it varies widely on a case to case basis and the foreign country’s present extent of involvement with America. It is precisely in this area that Lawscape and our team excels – discerning the circumstances in individual cases and discovering solutions.


Your Success is Our Success

Every dual citizenship case is winnable. Succeeding comes down to experience, knowledgeability, and skills in the courtroom to slam dunk it. Should you be concerned that your security clearance might be denied – or that your loss of clearance will get reported to JPAS, which could result in your immediate termination of employment – you should put in a call to the Security Clearance Attorney Lawscape.


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