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DUI & Security Clearance

Security Clearance: Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

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You may have been arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in the past.  This could be a concern if you are seeking eligibility for a security clearance.  Don’t worry, The Edmunds Law Firm can answer your questions and you can have peace of mind. A DUI on your record does not automatically render you unqualified for a security clearance. Each case is different, so how this can affect your eligibility depends on the details of your unique situation.


Some factors that could have an effect on your security clearance eligibility:

  • What help you have since sought for any substance abuse issues
  • How long ago it happened
  • If your behavior in the past is demonstrative of your behavior in the present

Successfully gaining security clearance also relies heavily upon who you select to represent you. Hiring a skilled security clearance attorney to represent you through the adjudicative process is a critical step. Here at The Edmund Law Firm, our lawyers are esteemed across the nation for the assistance we furnish to individuals.  We dutifully serve those who seek security clearance and those who need to gain it.


How Can a DUI Impact Security Clearance?

The presence of a DUI on your record is not in and of itself a sufficient reason to deny an individual security clearance. Nevertheless, as per The Electronic Code of Federal Regulations § 147.9, Guideline G, having committed a DUI can be evidence of a person’s ongoing failure to make good decisions and general irresponsibility. For this reason, it is relevant how long ago the arrest occurred and the nature of all connected activities following a DUI.  These are very important variables.


Here are some conditions that may make it more difficult to obtain a security clearance:

  • Alcohol-related incidents on a job site
  • Further alcohol-related incidents away from work, such as fighting, child or spousal abuse, and other criminal behavior
  • Continuing to drink after being diagnosed as an alcoholic
  • Diagnosis of alcohol abuse or alcohol dependence by a licensed medical professional


These are some circumstances that might reduce your difficulty in obtaining a security clearance:

  • The DUI happened years ago
  • Drinking is not a pattern of behavior
  • Positive changes in your behavior 
  • After a diagnosis as an alcoholic, you successfully completed a treatment program, and have participated frequently in Alcoholics Anonymous or a similar program


Since 1976, We Have Specialized in National Security Clearance Law

Our team At The Edmunds Law Firm has more than four decades of experience in taking care of matters in the field of security clearance. We are available to review your behavior and other aspects of your conduct to demonstrate that you have overcome your past. We are a top-rated law firm with a track record of favorable verdicts, so you can be assured that your matter will be in capable hands with us.


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