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The Broad Scope Of An SBA Offer In Compromise

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Regardless of the type of business debt you have, we can help. We have experience handling all types of secured and unsecured business debt. 


Our company is led by experienced business debt relief experts who have experience handling secured and unsecured debt nationwide. 

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Many business owners think failing to repay business debt means: your business is over.

This simply isn’t true. Business debt is a problem which CAN be handled, just like everything else; but only if you take pro-active steps. Lawscape helps you understand the law, and works with you to make sure that business debt isn’t the end of your business. 

What Are Some Ways We Can Help With Business Debt Relief?

Our experienced business debt relief consultants are here to help you through this stressful time. 

Throwing You a Lifeline: Understanding the SBA Offer in Compromise

So, picture this: you’ve been out there, hustling, building your small venture thanks to the help of the Small Business Administration (SBA). They’ve opened doors and given many budding entrepreneurs and businesses—just like yours—the chance to obtain loans for kick-starting those dreams. Yes, that’s right, the SBA has been the fairy godmother to many businesses—national, regional, you name it, doling out those loans like a baker with doughnuts. But sometimes, and it’s okay, the business fails before you can shell out the last penny of that SBA loan. And that’s when things can get a tad bit tricky. You might find yourself the recipient of an SBA demand letter, causing a scramble and wild panic—naturally. You’ve likely staked high collateral for these funds, and the prospect of losing tangible assets like your car, that family heirloom necklace or, worst of all, your home—is frankly, terrifying.

Squash the Panic—There’s a Way Out

Before you spirally into a pit of panic and dread, let’s just clear the air. There’s a way out. Yes, really. You don’t necessarily have to be subjected to an SBA loan foreclosure or worse, lose your personal assets. The escape plan: you need to get in cahoots with a law firm deeply versed with the whims and fancies of SBA default scenarios. And this is where Lawscape led by the sharp and resourceful Lawscape steps into the picture.

The Magic Wand: Offer in Compromise

In the web of law jargon, often lies your saving grace. An Offer in Compromise can be a white knight, swooping in to save the day. To put it simply, an Offer in Compromise is like your “get out of jail” Monopoly card: it can dramatically shrink your debt to the SBA—sometimes by over 50%! This flexibility, if natured the right way, can craft an affordable repayment plant that keeps foreclosure or asset seizure at bay. It’s like having some extra lifesavers in your pocket in a pool full of sharks.

Did anyone say taxes? Yes, the Offer in Compromise can turn your income tax refunds into a weapon, working for you rather than against you in a loan default scenario. With the Tax Offset Program, your loan guarantor’s income tax refunds can be redirected towards SBA for default loan payments. Neat, isn’t it?

Don’t Panic, You’ve Got Support

SBA loan default isn’t a piece of cake you would ask for, but sometimes, you might just get it served on your plate. The trick is not to panic. With a legal wizard like Lawscape advocating your case, you might just dodge the dire bullet. It’s all about reducing what you owe, carving out options in an Offer in Compromise for repayment—things may not be as grim as you first thought. If default on your SBA loan is creeping into your nightmares, or it has already happened, you desire some earnest legal advice today. Remember, you’re not alone in this fight.

Why Should You Let Us Lend A Hand?

Proud Track Record

Success speaks louder than words. Dollars count, and we have helped clients resolve millions of dollars in SBA debts through Offer in Compromise and Negotiated Repayment Agreements, all without the need for bankruptcy or the threat of home foreclosure.

Defending You Against Treasury Debts

Protection matters just as much as offense. We have successfully safeguarded clients against millions of treasury debts, be it through AWG Hearings, Treasury Offset Program Resolution, Cross-servicing Disputes, or Private Collection Agency Representation.

Experienced Legal Representatives

Last but not least, Lawscape and his team are authorized by the Agency Practice Act to doggedly represent Federal Debtors nationwide before the SBA, The SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals, the Treasury Department, and the Bureau of Fiscal Service. In other words, you’re in good, competent hands.

Lawscape Can Help You Manage Your Business Debt

If you’re struggling with business debt, we can help you understand your situation. During the initial consultation, we’ll go over the contract, and other legal documents you signed. After that, our firm will work with you to get a better understanding of your situation, and help you come up with a game plan that keeps your business alive. 

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Everyone has different types of business debt. What matters is that you take it seriously. Regardless of whether it’s secured, or unsecured, you need to work with a firm that understands how to negotiate, reduce, settle, and manage, this business debt. 

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