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When the Debt Collectors Come Knocking

You took out a merchant cash advance to help grow your business. Times were tough – but that influx of cash, it was supposed to be a lifeline. Only now, thanks to that loan’s outrageous terms – you’re drowning in debt.

The phone won’t stop ringing. Day and night, those aggressive collectors won’t leave you alone. Their tactics: belligerent, threatening, abusive. You’re terrified, losing sleep, feeling trapped with nowhere to turn.

So…what do you do, when you get hit – with one of these things?

Harassment by Debt Collectors Is Illegal

Let’s be crystal clear: debt collectors threatening you with violence, using profane language, calling at all hours? That’s flat-out illegal harassment under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

But even more underhanded tactics are prohibited, including:

  • Lying about the debt amount or consequences of non-payment
  • Calling you repeatedly with intent to annoy
  • Failing to identify themselves as debt collectors

Those merchants cash advance lenders think they can bully and intimidate you into paying. Don’t let them.

When to Hire a Lawyer to Fight Debt Collectors

If those abusive calls persist, it’s time to lawyer up. A seasoned consumer law attorney can quickly shut those harassing phone calls down using one powerful tool: the cease and desist letter.

With a court-enforced cease and desist, the harassment stops dead – violators face potential penalties and sanctions. It buys you the breathing room to assess your legal standing, free from intimidation.

But an attorney’s role goes far beyond cease and desist letters. If the debt is genuinely valid under the original merchant cash advance agreement, your lawyer can explore ways to negotiate affordable payment plans you can realistically meet. Creditors are often willing to reduce overall amounts owed when dealt with by legal counsel.

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What if the debt isn’t valid, though? You fell victim to predatory terms, misrepresentations, or outright fraud in the original MCA loan? In that case, it may be possible to have those debts discharged entirely – something you’d never achieve by yourself.

Don’t Go It Alone Against Those Sharks

Look, those merchant cash advance companies are ruthless. They’ll do everything possible to collect on toxic debts. And without a skilled lawyer handling negotiations, they’ll chew you up and spit you out.

So take action quickly if you’re being harassed. Every single phone call places you at risk of saying something that could undermine your legal position. Get professional legal representation on your side before it’s too late – it’s the only way to fight back and regain your peace of mind.

At the end of the day, that predatory merchant cash advance debtshould never have happened to you in the first place. Let an experienced attorney get those loan sharks off your back, while also exploring ways to reduce or discharge those outrageous obligations. YOU HAVE RIGHTS – start exercising them today.

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