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Trump Names Professional Wrestling Exec To SBA Top Post

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Essentially, everything in this realm is like a wrestling match. Speaking of wrestling, did you know that a former World Wrestling Entertainment executive, Linda McMahon, has been named head honcho of the SBA by President-elect Trump? That’s right! McMahon throws herself smack dab in the middle of a political powerbomb.

Who is Linda McMahon and what’s her wrestling connection?

Linda McMahon had a sit-down with Trump some weeks ago at Trump Tower, where Trump has been masterminding his transition to the presidency. Now, McMahon is not your average pick for such a massive position. She’s got some, shall we say, flair to her profile.

She’s co-founder of World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.—a spectacle of larger-than-life characters like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Hulk Hogan. Not to mention, McMahon had a couple of chances in the political ring as a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Connecticut.

What does Trump see in McMahon?

So what did Trump have to say? “Linda has a staggering background and is widely acknowledged as one of the nation’s leading female executives advising businesses around the globe. She helped transform WWE from a tin-pot 13-person operation to a publicly traded international behemoth with over 800 employees in offices around the world.”

McMahon’s been a backer of Trump for a while, donating a hefty $6 million to a super PAC supporting his presidential bid.

McMahon’s Take

In her own words, McMahon is thrilled to join Trump’s team, saying, “I am honored to join the incredibly impressive economic team that President-elect Trump has assembled to ensure that we promote our country’s small businesses and help them grow and thrive.”

Once the Senate gives the green light, McMahon will take over the post of SBA administrator from Maria Contreras-Sweet.

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