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How quickly should I retain an attorney?

A personal injury can cause so much more suffering than just your physical injuries alone. While physical injuries are devastating, you may also be unable to work or care for your family. You may have mounting medical bills. You may be facing years of rehabilitation.

With all of this on your plate, you may wonder how quickly you should retain an attorney. You may wonder if there’s a right time to bring the attorney on board to fight for the compensation that you deserve. While the answer may be different for other types of legal matters, for a personal injury, the answer to when you should retain an attorney is as fast as you can.

Your attorney makes a difference at each stage

Whether the accident is only minutes old or you’re about to head to trial, an attorney is advantageous at any stage. Immediately after the accident, your attorney can help you gather statements from witnesses. They can secure a copy of the crash report and any other information or photos that law enforcement may have gathered. If your personal injury is a slip and fall or a work accident, they can demand that the company involved save valuable evidence.

As the case progresses, your attorney can help you build your case. They might suggest that you meet with certain medical experts for an evaluation of your prognosis. They may demand that witnesses or the other parties sit for depositions. Pre-trial motions may be helpful to your case. These motions have certain requirements, and your attorney knows how to file these documents and move your case forward.

Most of the work of preparing for a trial happens long before the trial date. There are witnesses to interview, documents to gather and paperwork to file. The sooner you bring your attorney on board, the sooner they can get to work on your behalf. Having an attorney by your side early on can give you the confidence to know that at each stage, you’re taking the right steps. They’re available to answer questions and put your mind at ease while they work for your fair recovery.

Your attorney is your teammate

The right personal injury attorney is your partner and teammate. It’s their job to help you, and the right lawyer thoroughly enjoys this work. To that end, they should be happy to work with you in order to come on board quickly. They’re likely willing to meet you at the hospital. If you need a meeting after hours, they should be happy to comply. Whatever your unique situation is, your attorney should be willing to meet you on your terms in order for you to consult with them and begin representation quickly.

The cost is often the same

In many cases, your attorney can use what’s called a contingency fee for payment. That is, they don’t get paid unless you win. When they agree to represent you, they don’t accept any money up front. They only get paid when they win your case. When you have a check in your hands, they get paid a small percentage to cover their work on the case.

That means, it doesn’t cost you any more to get your attorney on board as quickly as possible. Whether you hire your attorney the minute you’re hurt or you hire them the minute before trial, the cost is the same. Your best bet is to hire the attorney as soon as you can, so that they can start working on your case.

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