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What should I do if I’ve been in an accident with a large truck?

In the United States each year, large truck accidents kill 5,000 people and injure 115,000. And in 27 percent of these accidents, the drivers of the trucks have had prior convictions for speeding or other driving infractions. Unfortunately, as today’s highways become more congested with vehicles, the chances of being involved in an accident with a large truck are increasing each year. If you find yourself involved in an accident with a large truck, there are many steps you should take as soon as possible to ensure justice is served and you receive the financial compensation you deserve.

Get Medical Attention
When a person is involved in an accident involving large trucks, San Diego personal injury lawyers know that getting immediate medical attention is a must. Not only are such injuries as broken arms, broken legs, and internal injuries like broken ribs common in these accidents, but so are even more serious injuries such as those associated with the spinal cord. Because of this, it’s imperative you seek immediate medical attention if involved in such accidents.

Stay Safe
At many accident scenes, victims often find themselves facing additional danger. In fact, San Diego personal injury lawyers often hear of victims who are struck by other vehicles while waiting for assistance from first responders. Because of this, it’s recommended that if possible you stay a safe distance away from the scene while waiting for help to arrive.

Seek Legal Advice
Once you have gotten appropriate medical attention for your injuries, it’s a good idea to schedule a consultation with an attorney who is experienced in dealing with large truck accidents. Since in many of these accidents the truck drivers have been shown to be involved in numerous other accidents over the years, chances are failing to bring them to justice will result in other innocent victims being hurt later on. Therefore, speak to an attorney who can assess your situation and begin the process of helping you gain the financial compensation you deserve.

Gather Necessary Evidence
After an accident and before speaking with an attorney, attempt to gather as much evidence as possible to show who was at fault. For example, take pictures while at the accident scene if possible, since this can be critical to helping your case. Along with this, gather any police reports about the accident and bring them with you when you meet with an attorney. This evidence, along with GPS data, logbook information, and a visual inspection of the accident scene by your attorneys and their investigators, can play a vital role in helping establish who was at fault.

Beware of Insurance Companies
If you have been involved in an accident with a large truck, expect to receive a call from the insurance company representing the trucking company. More than likely, they will be offering you the chance to settle quickly for a small amount of money. If this happens, refuse the offer and immediately tell them you have retained a personal injury attorney, and that any further communication will be handled by your attorney. Although an insurance adjuster will try to make you believe the insurance company is only interested in helping you, the fact is they are only interested in paying out as little money as possible. Rather than take a quick settlement that may sound good initially, let your attorney handle any dealings with the insurance company.

Work With An Experienced Attorney
Since most of these cases are settled out of court and never make it to trial, it’s important to be represented by San Diego personal injury lawyers who have experience dealing with these complex cases. To ensure you gain compensation to pay for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering, make sure you are represented by an attorney who not only understands these cases, but is committed to seeing that justice is served.

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