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Why you need a criminal defense lawyer instead of a public defender

Being accused of a crime is an overwhelming experience. That is why the American legal system provides every defendant with an attorney to represent his or her cause. These attorneys are called public defenders, and they are provided at no cost to a defendant. While this is a nice legal guarantee, defendants should realize that there are other options. Every defendant can also choose to hire a private criminal defense lawyer to take on their cause.

Dupage Criminal defense attorneys are private entities, which means they work for other law firms or operate their own legal cases. Public defenders, by contrast, are employed by the government. Public defenders do not get to choose their caseload, but criminal defense attorneys can pick and choose who they want to represent. Because of this, public defenders often have a wide range of experience. Criminal defense attorneys, on the other hand, usually have more specific case knowledge. This can make their expertise far more expansive in regards to certain types of cases.

The main reason people shy away from hiring a private attorney is the cost. It is true that lawyers can charge by the hour, and the hourly rate is not usually competitive. This means that a case that goes to trial can incur huge legal bills. This is certainly a consideration that can be limiting for some defendants. However, it is worth understanding the distinct advantages involved with hiring a criminal defense attorney.

First, private lawyers are more accessible. As explained earlier, criminal defense attorneys have the ability to pick and choose their cases. This means they can limit their caseload according. A public defender does not have this luxury. Therefore, they have far more cases active at once. As a result, a public defender does not have the time to truly focus on your case. Moreover, if you have questions or concerns, it can be hard to get in contact with your public defender. Because you are paying a premium for a private attorney, you usually get far faster service. In essence, you get what you pay for.

This concept extends to the attorney’s motivation in defending your case. Public defenders are often doing their jobs for very good reasons, but they are overworked and have to represent every defendant that they are assigned. Criminal defense attorneys are more selective, and they have to build a reputation in order to stay in business. This means that the results of your case impact them personally. If they cannot win court cases, then their business will suffer. This gives a criminal defense attorney unique incentive to make sure your case is represented thoroughly.

Second, a criminal defense attorney can explore additional paths for your case. A public defender has access to all your case history and evidence, but a criminal defense attorney will often go the extra mile. Because your criminal defense attorney is being paid privately, he or she will likely pursue additional sources of evidence. Your criminal defense attorney may have the evidence tested at a private lab. Expert witnesses can be hired to consult on technical aspects of the case. These additional resources can provide new insight to your case, and they can make a real difference in your ultimate defense.

Overall, a criminal defense attorney is simply there for you in a way that a public defender cannot be. A criminal defense attorney will respond to your concerns faster, and he or she will invest more time into your defense. The cost can be significant, but the price of your future and your freedom should rarely have a price tag.

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