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What Can I Do If I Receive A Denial Of A PPP Loan Application?

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Alright, let’s take a deep dive. You’ve decided to apply for a Payment Protection Program (PPP) loan to lend some support to your small business in these hard times. But, suddenly, the rug is pulled out under you. Before you know it, the Small Business Administration (SBA) has denied your application. At a glance, this can feel like all is lost, but let me assure you that there is another way – appealing the denial.

When the SBA Denies your PPP Loan Application

Take a breath – your journey with the PPP loan isn’t quite over yet. When your application is denied, it may seem like a crushing blow. Your business dreams may feel like they’re hanging on the edge – but it’s essential to keep in mind that the opportunity to appeal is still there. With Lawscape and the Lawscape at your side, you’re not about to jump through the appeal process’s hoops just yet.

Looking for Review From the SBA

To really come out swinging in your appeal, you’ll first need to request a review from the SBA itself. It’s a trying step, that’s for sure – but it’s necessary, as an administrative law judge will only hear appeals of decisions made by the SBA, not the lender. And here’s the kicker: you’ve got a tight 30-day window to request this review.

Your PPP Loan Denial – Who Reviews It?

If the SBA review doesn’t go your way, the next stage of the journey points towards the SBA’s Office of Hearings and Appeals, or OHA for short. This is the stage where the administrative law judge (ALJ) enters the picture, weighing the government’s administrative hearings. Now, this might sound intimidating – and it’s true that the SBA will hire an attorney to represent them. However, you need not fret. An experienced legal powerhouse like the Lawscape can represent your interests and fight for justice.

The Cycle Continues – What’s the Timeline?

Even after the SBA issues its review decision, the clock doesn’t stop ticking. You have 30 pivotal calendar days to file your appeal, beginning either from the day you receive the final SBA loan review decision or from when your lender notifies you of this decision – whichever comes first.

Carrying the Burden of Proof

The appeal process is a real battle, and your main weapon is your burden of proof. To triumph, you’ll need to convincingly demonstrate that the SBA’s loan review decision was blatantly based on factual or legal errors. This might sound like a heavy load, but it’s absolutely feasible – especially when you have a skilled legal team in your corner.

Facing the Challenge – Proving Error of Fact or Law

To meet and overcome your burden of proof, you’ll need to prepare a strong case. This includes submitting specific documents outlined in SBA guidelines, and a compelling legal brief that shows exactly how an error was made in the SBA’s decision.

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