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What Does The New Chapter 11 Subchapter V Mean For Your SBA Loan?

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All set? Alright, let’s delve into this new fascinating piece of legislation that could be a real game-changer for you: The Chapter 11, Subchapter V. This new addition to bankruptcy law is targeted specifically at helping small businesses to reorganize their debts in a painless, speedy, and budget-friendly manner. The law is quite the talk of the town these days, so let’s have a closer look at what it brings to the table.

The Latest Lifesaver on the Block: Chapter 11 Subchapter V

This newly minted option for SBA loans that have hit a rough patch looks pretty promising on paper. The Chapter 11 Subchapter V has notable differences from the standard Chapter 11 bankruptcy process. Here’s the abridged list:

  • It’s simpler to confirm plans
  • Only the debtor can file a plan
  • No need for the disclosure statement
  • Contested plans can be confirmed despite objections from an impaired class
  • The absolute priority rule is not applicable anymore
  • No creditors committee
  • Forget about those quarterly U.S. Trustee payments

With these modifications, you can expect a speedier and consequently less expensive reorganization for your small business. Basically, Chapter 11 Subchapter V can be your lifeline to keep your business afloat in this uncertain economic climate.

How Does It Compare with the Traditional Chapter 11?

Back in the day, regular Chapter 11 bankruptcies were a pain. They were not only heavy on the pocket but also had a success rate of nowhere near 50%. Therefore, if your business is struggling and the main chunk of your debt is due to an SBA loan, this new Chapter 11 Subchapter V bankruptcy could potentially be your knight in shining armour.

The Biggest Win: Modifying Lien on Your Primary Residence

The greatest payoff with this new bankruptcy procedure could be the ability to modify your SBA related loan. If you’ve pledged your main residence as collateral for your SBA loan, unfortunately, neither Chapter 7 nor Chapter 13 bankruptcy is going to be of much rescue in case of default. However, Chapter 11 Subchapter V might!

Here’s how it works: a small business debtor’s plan could modify a creditor’s rights if the new value received was not mainly used to acquire the real property, but primarily in association with the debtor’s small business. So, you might be able to leverage Chapter 11 Subchapter V to hold onto your home and alter the repayment terms of the loan. Though you probably won’t be able to escape the lien completely, saving your house would be a triumphant victory!

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