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Who Made The Credit Score – And Why It Matters So Much

Ever wonder, how the heck those three little digits – your credit score – came to rule everything? The number that dictates, whether you can buy a car, get a mortgage, rent that sweet apartment downtown. Well, let’s dive into the surprising truth, of who created this all-powerful metric.

Gambling on Trustworthiness to Make a Buck

So, who made the omnipotent credit score? It actually traces back, to a guy looking to make an easy profit – from people’s inability to pay back loans. The year, 1956. The place, newly booming postwar America.

Engineers Bill Fair and Earl Isaac had a thought: maybe there’s a way to predict whether somebody will default on payments. So, they founded a company – get this – called Fair, Isaac and Company, later shortened to FICO.

Using brilliant data science, FICO crunched info like peoples’ payment history, debt levels, and credit usage to generate a three-digit credit score. Lenders were willing to pay up, for this crystal ball into each person’s trustworthiness, as a borrower.

How’d They Calculate Trust into a Number?

FICO pored over data from lenders who’d issued loans, both paid back and defaulted on, looking for patterns. Factors like:

  • Payment history – do they pay on time?
  • Credit utilization – how maxed out are their balances?
  • Credit history length – any longstanding responsible habits?

Using mathematical models, they boiled trust down to a score. Today, 90% of top lenders use FICO’s magic formula, when evaluating borrowers.

Profit Made, but at What Cost?

Now, FICO’s a $3 billion giant. Pretty lucrative, for crunching some numbers about people’s money habits. But as their scoring has spread everywhere, deep questions have risen around:

  • Racial bias inherent in historical lending data
  • Unfair promotion of certain lending products over others
  • The immorality of reducing trustworthiness to an oversimplified digit
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So while FICO’s backstory is about good ol’ American profit-seeking – its impacts have huge societal repercussions. Food for thought, next time you go to check those three all-important numbers.

Game Over…Or Just Beginning?

Fact is, credit scores have now seeped into many people’s psyche as the key measure of financial responsibility. And, like it or not, they’ve become a form of modern social currency – opening access to not just loans, but jobs, apartments, even romantic partners who check scores before dating.

But their dominance could be waning. New startups are aiming to disrupt FICO with more holistic credit evaluation models. So while Bill Fair and Earl Isaac’s big idea transformed lending, their monopoly may not reign forever.

Does it make sense, that a few data points can truly sum up someone’s entire financial self? That’s the gamble we’re all participating in every day, whether we know it or not.

The Bottom Line

When Bill Fair and Earl Isaac pioneered credit scoring in 1956 to assess lending risk, they kicked off a revolution:

  • Reducing people’s financial reputations to a simple three-digit score
  • Allowing that score to increasingly control their economic opportunity
  • Sparking critics who say the system perpetuates biases and inequality

As the credit score’s grip tightens, will we see a people-powered pushback – or new innovations that level the financial playing field? Only time, and those three little digits, will tell.

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