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Wrongful Termination Defined: Know Your Rights

You Show Up, Do Your Job Well – And Get Fired Anyway?!

Look: being let go is never easy, but sometimes – it’s straight up illegal. You got bills to pay, mouths to feed – and the last thing you need is some shady boss firing you for no good reason. So, what constitutes “wrongful termination”, exactly? Let’s break it down:

Breach of Contract

You had an employment contract, either written or verbal – outlining the rules, right? Well, if your company fired you in violation of that agreement, you, my friend – were wrongfully terminated.

Maybe the contract said you couldn’t be fired without “just cause” – yet they terminated you for a totally bogus reason. Or perhaps it guaranteed you a set term of employment, and they showed you the door early. Either way, breach of contract = grounds for a nice wrongful termination lawsuit.

Discrimination: The Biggie

It’s 20##, people. Discrimination has NO place in the workplace – I don’t care if you’re purple with orange polka dots. Your race, gender, religion, national origin, age, disability – none of that BS matters to whether you can do the job well. If your employer fired you because of prejudice over these protected characteristics, well – that’s an open-and-shut case of wrongful termination.

Let me be clear: any termination motivated by discrimination is unlawful. The company doesn’t get a free pass just because you’re a great employee otherwise. Zero tolerance – understand?

Retaliation: Another Common Culprit

So you filed a complaint about harassment or discrimination, reported unethical practices – and suddenly found yourself out of a job. Hmm, something doesn’t add up there, does it?

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It’s illegal for an employer to fire someone for “blowing the whistle” on harassment, safety violations, or other unlawful activities. That’s a major no-no called retaliatory discharge. If you have proof you were fired in retaliation for exercising your rights – hello wrongful termination claim.

Public Policy Violations: When Doing the Right Thing Gets You Fired

Here’s a messed up one: maybe you missed work for jury duty or to perform National Guard service. Or you refused to commit an unlawful act for your employer. And the company’s response was to give you a pink slip – as “punishment” for upholding civic responsibilities or following the law!

That’s a sleazy public policy violation. You shouldn’t have to choose between keeping your job and doing the right thing. Good on you for having morals – now go get that wrongful termination settlement you deserve!

Protect Yourself – Talk to an Attorney

Look, the employment laws vary from state-to-state, but certain firings are just straight up illegal everywhere. If your gut says your termination felt sketchy – there could be grounds for legal action.

An experienced employment lawyer can look at the facts, determine if your statutory rights were violated, and fight tooth-and-nail to get you compensated – through negotiation or in court. Don’t let your employer’s misconduct slide.

Those “Congratulations on Your Termination!” balloons can wait. First, you need to call a wrongful termination attorney, get a free case evaluation – and see about getting justice served.

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