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WSJ Interview With The Head Of The SBA

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Todd Spoke To The Big Leaguers Over At The SBA

Recently, the Wall Street Journal‘s Ruth Simon had a cozy chat with SBA honcho Maria Contreras-Sweet. You know, discussing all things money access and other hot topic issues. You got some time? Read the entire article here.

Congress Got In On The Act Too

In addition to that, Contreras-Sweet was invited to sit in the hot chair in front of Congress, talking about the SBA clutter. Yes, she explained all about the endeavor to address issues raised by the Government Accountability Office (GAO). There was quite a bit of ruckus over certain logistical hiccups at the SBA which was exposed by a GAO report. The report was all about stating some zillion changes needing implementation, mainly circling around bolstering their disaster relief loan scheme for small businesses, and ramping up their cybersecurity for application systems. Curious? Dive into the details, watch and listen to her testimony.

Owing Money To The SBA? Look No Further.

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Well, first things first, we’ve wiped clean millions in SBA debts through Offers in Compromise and negotiated Repayment Agreements. We did it all while keeping our client’s homes safe and bankruptcy at bay. In addition, we stood tall against Treasury debts, then defended ’em via AWG hearings, resolving Treasury Offset Program disputations, tackling cross-service rows, representing clients against private collection agencies, and much more.

Who Takes The Call?

Our attorneys have been deputed under the Agency Practice Act to represent federal debtors on a national scale before the SBA, the SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals, the Treasury Department, and the Bureau of Fiscal Service. Quite a portfolio, isn’t it? It’s a legal battle, but we got your back on this one. So buck up, give us a shout, and let’s get the show rolling!

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