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We keep businesses afloat, and are a resource for business owners who took business loans/business funding - but are no longer able to afford to repay them.

Why Should I Resolve My Business Debt?

Running away from business debt is not the answer. Most business owners are afraid, and don’t know what to do when lenders start knocking on their doorsteps. 

If you ignore lenders, they can – and will, sue you. They’ll do everything possible to liquidate your assets, in order to reclaim their funds. 


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Tell us your situation, and one of our experts will explain our various debt relief options. During the initial consultation we’ll listen to you. We’ll take in what you’re saying, and then give you an assessment of your situation. During the initial consultation – our goal is to understand whether we can help you – and then respond with how we can help you. 

Our goal is to help you understand the gravity of your situation, and for us to understand whether we can truly help you or not. 


Get Out Of Debt

Get back to having a financially stable business without cash flow issues, or creditors harassing you. Our goal is to look at your existing debt schedule, and reorganize it in a manner that works for your business. As business owners ourselves, we are extremely aware of how important managing your debt is, and how to manage expectations internally so you can continue to retain your employees.

Our goal is to get you out of debt, as soon as possible – and that means making sure your debt is managed, and adjusted.


Affordable Programs

Lawscape makes sure that you can afford us – and we make sure to review your budget to make sure the solution we suggest will take the pressure off you. When we start working with your company, our team of attorneys takes over negotiations and managing expectations with lenders. Our objective is to make sure lenders understand your business hardships, and are going to work with you. 


Get Access

Beyond our signature debt management programs, our clients have access to partners for options like consolidation loans, credit counseling, bankruptcy referrals and more.


Watch The Progress

We have an online dashboard where you can track the progress of your program with us. Everything is online, and transparent.

Why Clients Work with Lawscape?

Can't Afford

You want to pay your creditors, but can’t afford what they’re demanding. You know you need help and advice.

You Tried

You already tried negotiating with your lenders on your own – but are unable to make any progress on getting a better outcome.

Need More $$$

You are unable to get financing due to a prior default, or unsettled business debt. You want help and don’t know how to begin.

Cash Flow

Your cash flow is tight, you are struggling, and want help in order to free up cash flow business expenses.

Payment Terms

You’re struggling to make your payments on time. You need payment terms stretched out over a longer time.


You don’t want to shut down; you don’t want to file bankruptcy – you know you need help. You have employees you want to retain.

Results Matter

Sucess Stories


Merchant Cash Advances Settled For Less


Business Line of Credit Resolved For Less


Business Loans With Terms Stretched Over 36 Months


Term Loans Renegotiated With Interest Reduced


8 Merchant Cash Advances Settled For Less


Equipment Financing Loans Reduced and Settled For Less


Resolving your debt and managing it isn’t easy. But Lawscape can help.

Lawscape is here to help you manage your debt successfully. With Lawscape on your side, you’re in control – our debt experts do the work. 

Lawscape’s team consists of attorneys, financial lenders, and more, who understand how a business operates – what are the challenges you face. 

Our goal is to sustainably manage your debt, and ensure the growth of your company.

We can work with businesses of all sizes in order to reorganize your debt, preserve your business, and keep jobs. No business is too small, or too big, to benefit from our services.

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Business Debt Relief
Frequently Asked Questions

Most small business loans are in the form of merchant cash advances. MCA’s are not reported to credit agencies. These are not credit driven. They are secured against future receivables. Settling/negotiating MCA’s does not impact your personal credit.

Our objective is to renegotiate, and manage, your business debt. It means doing whatever it takes – to help you manage your debt, in an ethical manner.

ABSOLUTELY NOT. Our goal is to ensure you have representations so you are able to get fair terms. Often lenders take advantage of the fact you’re unaware of provisions in the agreement you signed – which allow you to renegotiate your payment. We make sure you can do that. Our goal is for you NOT to default on your lenders.


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