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Business Debt Restructuring Companies

Business debt can create huge, and overwhelming, financial difficulties on your business. Corporate debt restructuring is an effective way to eliminate the problem at its root. Corporate debt restructuring is a great way to improve your business liquidity and establish a fair debt repayment structure to your creditors. If you are in need of corporate debt restructuring Lawscape can help.

Benefits provided by commercial debt restructuring programs:

  • Avoid bankruptcy
  • Satisfy your creditors based on what you can afford
  • Reduce your debt, and stretch it out over time into fixed monthly payments
  • Let someone else deal with creditors and collection agencies
  • Spend more time on your business
  • Retain management control
  • Avoid extra legal fees
  • Balance your budget
  • Preserve your vendor relations
  • Rebuild your credit

Lawscape’s team of financial and legal experts can help

We work with companies that are challenged, and need help due to the market changing, or for any reason. Bottom line, if your business is suffering, you need someone who can work with your lenders, suppliers, and creditors, to help you avoid personal and commercial bankruptcy.

Businesses grow in cycle that fluctuate. While most companies enjoy periods of security and success, many go through periods of strain and are in need of debt restructuring. You don’t have to face bankruptcy, court, or financial ruin, by working with Lawscape. You have options. When you work with a business debt negotiation company like Lawscape, you can get your business back in no time. Because of Lawscape’s diverse team of associates, we can help you with your debt restructuring needs. Our team has a proven track record of achieving success and results. We offer you a highly successful debt restructuring, negotiation, and resolution, service. We negotiate with creditors on your behalf, and work out payment programs that are REALISTIC and satisfactory to all parties

Avoid Bankruptcy

In our opinion, this should be a last resort. We pride ourselves on keeping clients outside of bankruptcy court, while providing the highest level of financial relief.

Bankruptcy filings are expensive. The cost for Chapter 11 is usually around $75,000. On average, 75% of all Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceeds go to paying attorneys and other parties, not creditors. Once a debt movies into the legal circuit, more time and money is wasted responding to notices, appearing at hearings, etc, than actually doing meaningful work. Meanwhile, your debt continues growing. If you add your attorney fees to the collection costs, interest on the debt, filing fees, etc, the debt grows tremendously.

Bankruptcy filings also label you with the worst possible credit rating, and they are very public and rigid. The judge will decide WHICH creditor gets paid, and what amount, while the business owner loses all possible control. Our goal at Lawscape is to create a SAFE happy medium, between your creditors and you – so you can achieve utmost success without going through the legal system.

With Lawscape, you have options

Lawscape’s commercial debt restructuring program is a great option. We provide the most relief possible with any collateral damage, like you see in bankruptcy proceedings. We have a unique methodology that has developed a very effective method for the rapid resolution of corporate debt. We believe that your creditors represent one of the most important relationships for your business. These are often fragile relationships as well. We work with each creditor to insure that good will is preserved. We set the stage to allow relationships to move forward, with a fair and equitable program that makes sense. We will develop an understanding of your company’s situation, and your wants and needs. We conduct an analysis of your company, its creditors, and then create a solution that is specific to each creditors situation. We discuss possible settlements with our clients before we approach your creditors.

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