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Department of Defense (DoD) Security Clearances

Department of Defense (DoD) security clearance issues get handled rather frequently at The Edmunds Law Firm. The DoD, headquartered in Alexandria, VA with field offices across the nation, is the primary source of security clearances in the United States.The agency inside of the DoD, the Defense Security Service (DSS), is  responsible for security support services to the military, federal defense agencies, and more than twenty other federal agencies. The DSS accomplishes the task of processing DoD security clearances.


DoD Security Clearance Experience over Three Decades 

Whether you are in the pre-application phase, have a hearing on the calendar, or are looking to appeal an negative decision regarding a DoD security clearance, Attorney Alan V. Edmunds is ready to greatly improve your chances of success. He boasts over 40 years of experience with DoD security clearance issues and has a great deal of knowledge about this particular body of law. Our firm serves individuals across the country. In fact, Mr. Edmunds is among a small number of national security clearance attorneys who specialize in DoD security clearances at any location in covering all regions.


DoD Security Clearance Process


The DoD security clearance procedure is akin to the processes for other security clearances issued in the U.S.  In the meantime, I am assessing a number of factors, including the applicant’s:

  • Loyalty to the United States
  • Trustworthiness, soundness of mind, and past conduct, all indicators of whether the person is fit to operate properly with a clearance
  • Ties to foreign persons or organizations of who may be of concern to the relevant U.S. agency
  • Particular issues such as drug or alcohol abuse, criminal conduct, or financial irresponsibility
  • Denial or Revocation of a DoD Security Clearance


It may happen that a DoD security clearance is denied, or that the DoD security clearance that a person already had got revoked.  In these cases, you may receive a document called a “Statement of Reasons,” or one called “Letter of Intent to Revoke” or “Decision to Revoke.”


These papers could contain details about the denial or revocation that involved one or more aspects of the person’s past, including:

    • Family
    • Education
    • Employment
    • Residences


  • Psychological profile


  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Criminal history
  • Financial and credit history
  • Foreign influence and preference
  • Personal conduct


Call Our Attorney About Your DoD Security Clearance

If you are having difficulties with your application for a DoD security clearance or if you are facing a possible revocation your clearance give us a call.  You can contact the DoD security clearance attorneys at our firm to set up a consultation with Attorney Alan V. Edmunds today. He will address your concerns in detail.

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