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Do You Require Representation At A DOHA Hearing for Your Security Clearance?

If you responded to a Statement of Reasons (SOR) and your response triggered a request for a hearing before an Administrative Judge, the clock is ticking. A specialist in security clearance who can say they have detailed knowledge of the adjudication procedure is the only person that can give you the help you need.

What Reasonable Expectations Should I Have in a DOHA Security Clearance Hearing or Personal Appearance?

Before the start of the DOHA hearing, the Government’s Counsel will apprise you of the procedures and protocols that this rather convoluted process entails.

At the beginning of the hearing, the Administrative Judge and Government Counsel customarily identify themselves for the record.  The Judge then asks you your age and background in order to determine whether or not you’re competent enough to represent yourself. Next, the Judge explains how the hearing will proceed before notifying you of your rights to object to any evidence presented by the DOHA attorney.

As the hearing moves forward, the Administrative Judge assigned to your matter will allow both the Government and the applicant (you) to present your valid case. The DOHA attorney will employ the details you gave in your response to the SOR and can bring forth witnesses and testimony to further demonstrate that your security clearance needs to be revoked or denied.

While undergoing a DOHA Administrative Hearing and Personal Appearances, you may become intimidated being up against Government Counsel without any legal representation. Indeed, Government Counsel is known to be assertive in the cross-examination of evidence and witnesses.

This is why you should never undergo this process on your own, nor should you put your DOHA Administrative Hearing and Personal Hearing case in the hands of any regular attorney.

We experienced legal specialists in security law. Our firm’s DOHA security clearance attorneys possess intimate knowledge of all aspects of security clearance law.

The lawyers in our company are recognized and highly regarded by both Government Counsel and the Administrative Judges. For this reason, you can depend on your attorney responding well to the tough questions asked by the DOHA attorney. Every one of our lawyers possesses years of experience at trial and are above the intimidation of aggressive cross-examination.

As your lawyer during the DOHA Administrative Hearing and Personal Appearances procedure, we can assist you in submitting the necessary paperwork and bringing forth witnesses to testify on your behalf. The best part is that we can help you feel more relaxed once you see that your case is being taken care of by a seasoned and skillful security clearance legal specialist.

Proper Representation is Paramount

With so much at stake in security clearance hearings and appearances, you should have the representation of highly competent legal counsel. In the event that you are denied security clearance, we will put your case at the top of our list and stay focussed on providing you with effective legal representation.

Having us in your corner will significantly increase your chances for receiving a favorable result from the Administrative Judge.

The Recommendation of the Administrative Judge

Note that for federal employees looking to obtain security clearance, the Administrative Judge’s verdict in the DOHA Hearing and Personal Appearances phase is merely a recommendation. For federal employees that do not come under the DoDCAF, your appeals case gets sent to a senior level case adjudicator.

In DOHA Administrative Hearing and Personal Appearances, the recommendation of an Administrative Judge is sent to the PSAB for further review. It is only at that point that the PSAB votes on whether to approve or deny your application.

Call us for a Free Consultation Right Away

Are you in the process of applying for security clearance and need to go through the DOHA Administrative Hearing and Personal Appearances process? If so, our lawyers would like to represent you.

The services we provide will assist you in responding to the SOR and help you with the hearing process, from procuring information from the opposing Government Counsel all the way up to standing by your side before the Administrative Judge.  We will work hard to bring you to a successful verdict for your application.

Set up a free consultation today. Let us explain to you the process of DOHA Administrative Hearing and Personal Appearances, help you complete the necessary paperwork, and present a sound defense against any causes brought forth by the Government for your security clearance denial or revocation.


If you have been denied security clearance by a federal or other agency, or if your current security clearance has been suspended or revoked for any reason, we would like to speak with you. On our staff, we have qualified and experienced lawyers who know the law and the best methods to fight for your rights and help you get security clearance or have it reinstated after a suspension or revocation.

Our attorneys will file your appeal to the Department of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA) to overturn the revocation of your security clearance.

Security Clearance Application
Securing employment with a federal agency such as the FBI, DHS or CIA means that you must obtain security clearance status. You are required to apply for it and the process can be laborious, especially in cases where your application gets denied for any reason.

Revocations and Suspensions
You may successfully obtain security clearance during the application stage. Nonetheless, that clearance can get suspended or revoked after years of employment because of a violation or unauthorized conduct.

If ever you discover that you have suddenly been denied security clearance or you are notified of a possible suspension and revocation, you have some rights.

Denials and the Right to Appeal
You have a right to appeal the denial, suspension or revocation of your security clearance through the appropriate channels. While you have the right to seek the appeal by yourself, we strongly suggest that you treat denials and appeals with great care.

On the other hand, contact our offices, where we furnish the services of a qualified and experienced team of professionals. Our experts are well versed with security clearance law and the processes and paperwork needed for filing a successful appeal.

How an Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests Can Help You Obtain or Maintain Your Security Clearance
Upon retaining Security Clearance Law Group, your attorney will put in a FOIA request on your behalf. The Freedom of Information Act is a federal law that allows for the full or partial disclosure of documents and information that are under the auspices of the U.S. government and haven’t been released.

The agency records that are available for disclosure and the mandatory procedures for facilitating the disclosure are all dictated by the FOIA.

An FOIA request can be used by your attorney when your application has been denied or your current level of security clearance has been revoked. The request will be for the purposes of obtaining and reviewing a copy of your investigative file. If the United States government is privy to information that resulted in your application being classified as ineligible for security clearance, or caused your clearance’s revocation, you have a right to review that investigative file. The FOIA request will give you and your attorney the opportunity to do just that.

Whatever we find as a result of the FOIA request could assist you in obtaining a favorable outcome in the decision process or during your appeal. We are security clearance experts. Our lawyers have intimate knowledge of the Freedom of Information Act and how it can be used in applicable cases.

Appealing to the Department of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA)
In the event that you get an unfavorable decision, you have the right to file a written appeal to the Department of Hearings and Appeals. Such notice of appeal must be filed with the DOHA board in writing and must arrive within fifteen calendar days of the date of the Administrative Judge’s decision. If you do not meet the deadline, you forfeit your appeals rights and the Judge’s decision to deny, suspend, or revoke your security clearance could become final.

The Lawscape Law Group has the resources and expertise to go up against your denial and help you obtain a favorable outcome during the application process. Our attorneys will dedicate time and resources to understanding the unique complexities of your matter to help you get security clearance or get it reinstated once more.
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