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Military security clearances make up around four out of every five security clearance matters. The Lawscape Law Firm has a wealth of experience in representing both individuals who are making their first application for a military security clearance, as well as people who are attempting to keep their military security clearances. Our attorneys who specialize in security clearance can give you advantageous and helpful representation for your military security clearance.

When a Military Security Clearance is Revoked

Because details about first-time applications for a security clearance are dealt with elsewhere on this site, our focus here will be on maintaining a military security clearance. Having this kind of security clearance is one of the most valuable parts of a person’s military service. It is given on the basis of a thorough investigation of the applicant’s eligibility for a security clearance.  Therefore, the possibility of that clearance being revoked, or of any higher-level security clearance application being denied, is a matter of great importance. The military career and post-military future of such a person will be hugely impacted by this.

Seemingly Minor Reasons for Denial

There are a number of reasons an adjudicator could use in their decision to  deny or revoke a military security clearance. The disqualifying reasons may appear to be relatively minor.

Among the most common reasons for denial/revocation include:

  • Financial difficulties, even those that occurred many years ago
  • Use of alcohol and/or illegal drugs, even if not proven
  • Connections to family and/or friends in countries that may pose a security risk
  • Misuse of a government computer – for example, using a social website such as Facebook or viewing YouTube or pornography while on the job

Legal Representation Is Critical

If a person gets notified that his or her military security clearance has been revoked, it is paramount to bring in a knowledgeable, experienced legal representative. Our attorneys have helped security clearance applicants gain or keep their clearance. Get in touch with The Lawscape Law Firm to set up a confidential discussion of your military security clearance case. Carry the written notification of your military security clearance denial or revocation along with you, in addition to all other relevant details that you have for a thorough review of your case.

Appealing Could Be the Next Step. Our Firm Can Help.

Exercising your right to an appeal of your security clearance denial/revocation may be the next move we make. The process for an appeal relies in part on the branch of the military involved. Each individual’s case has its own specific circumstances, but the applicable laws furnish a consistent structure that can be handled by an attorney with years of experience in this area.

To talk about the unique details of your matter, reach out to a military security clearance lawyer at Lawscape.

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